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In these areas, the risk of becoming alcoholic is higher

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If someone becomes addicted, determine a number of factors. But what researchers are now suspecting, allows for a whole new perspective on the emergence of alcoholism.

Now a beer does not make an alcoholic. However, if the desire for alcohol normally exceeds a normal level, you even notice physical withdrawal symptoms and ignore everything around you, then you are likely to be addicted to addiction.

Doctors discuss various factors that favor alcoholism. About a person's childhood and personality. But what the researchers have now learned can put something else in the spotlight.

Finland, Scotland, Greenland: Alcohol addiction also depends on climate

The climate is likely to have a significant impact on the development of alcohol addiction. People living in colder climates with few hours of sunshine would be more likely to drink alcohol, according to a US study as people in a warm and sunny sphere.

As the UK BBC continues to report, data from 193 countries provided data for this connection. The largest number of alcoholics in colder and sunnier countries has inevitable results that there are more liver diseases there,

Shortage favors depression – and alcoholism

One explanation could be that alcohol is used by many people as "hot-makers." Alcohol relaxes the blood vessels and thus promotes blood circulation. However, only in the short term: After a short flash, the body cools down more quickly under the influence of alcohol,

Doctors are also confident that less sunlight means increased risk of depression. A vicious circle: Because depression favors in turn alcohol abuse,

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The minimum alcohol price should limit addiction

At a political level, there is a debate on how to combat alcoholism. Earlier this year, a regulation came into force in Scotland, demanding one Minimum price for alcohol prescribe.

Dr McCann, a medical consultant at Craig Castle in Scotland, says as an expert on research and addiction: "The strictest legislation on alcohol pricing is justified when we look at the devastating effects of lack of sunlight and cheap alcohol on consumption alcohol. "

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