Formula 1 Will envy and resentment be the overthrow of the Schumachers?


The excitement in the backbench Haas team was once again great at the weekend when another dangerous match broke out between teammates Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin.

In the first round, the Russian defended his position against the young German with a bold maneuver, pushing Schumacher near the wall of the pit in the Dutch Grand Prix. It was by no means the first incident of its kind between the two teammates fighting for supremacy in Haas.

Remarkable: A Schumacher also leads in Formula 3, there was also a racing attack against him in Formula 3 at the weekend, which ruined the race for him. David Schumacher, the son of longtime F1 driver Ralph Schumacher, was shot down by Victor Martins at the end of the race on Sunday and forced to leave.

And in David’s case, it was not the first time a young fellow racing driver had been dragged into an unstable maneuver and ruined his entire race.

A question is coming up more and more now: Are Mick and David repeatedly targeted on the slopes because of Schumacher?

This issue no longer concerns only the first conspiracy theorists among motorsport fans, but also the proven experts. Former Formula One driver and longtime television expert Christian Danner, for example, is convinced that their famous last name was often the overthrow of two cousins ​​at races. “In the lower classes there is such a thing 100%. Two buzzwords: envy and indignation!”, The 63-year-old now told “Bild” about the cause.

Mick Schumacher is still waiting for the first points in Formula 1

The fact that he can take on a Schumacher, son or nephew of world champion Michael Schumacher, and, if in doubt, cheat him on the racetrack, is particularly motivating for young drivers and pushes inexperienced young drivers to do so. this again and again reckless maneuvers.

While it may be a disadvantage for the junior racing series to be at the forefront of what is perhaps the most well-known racing driver name in the world, Danner does not see this problem in the top motorsport category: “The name does not matter The driver “Formula 1 Racing always sees the other as a competitor. It doesn’t matter if his name is Meier, Müller or Schumacher.”

Mick Schumacher is still waiting for his first ten in Formula 1. In his first year as a regular driver, the twelfth place in Hungary on August 1 was the best result of the 22-year-old’s still new career in F1.


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