Wednesday , March 3 2021

Felix Sturm is accused of doping and assault

Former professional boxing champ Felix Sturm threatens a legal continuity almost three years after his transfer as a doping civilian. The prosecutor in Cologne blames the 39-year-old and accuses him of "self-doping, participating in a self-doping competition and dangerous injury". A spokesman for the Cologne Regional Court confirmed the "Sport Bild" report.

Sturm had been tested after his victory on February 20, 2016 in Oberhausen in World Cup revenge against the Russian Fyodor Tschudinow in Sample A and B positive for the anabolic substance hydroxy-stanozolol. So far, there was no stumbling block against either the WBA World Association or the German Professional Boxers Union.

The storm threatens ten years of imprisonment

Sturm had put WBA's super middleweight title in October 2016 and has not been in the ring ever since. His battle record is 40 wins, five defeats and three draws.

The prosecution was transferred to Felix Sturm meanwhile, said the spokesman for the regional court of Sport Bild, "has now been able to issue a statement after which the council decides whether and in which category the case of the main trial ". The offense of bodily injury is justified by the fact that the fight was not under the aegis of equal opportunities.

In the event of dangerous personal injuries, Sturm is facing imprisonment between six months and ten years. For doping, the penalty ranges from fines up to three years in prison. The decision of the court is expected at the earliest in the following year.

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