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Christoph Metzelder: Finally, he reacts – publishes his institution's opinion

Turn around Christoph Metzelder. After serious allegations, he is said to have hired a top lawyer. At the same time, she leaves another office to rest.

  • Christoph Metzelder, 38, was a German international footballer (including the 2002 World Rivals Championship) and played for Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid and Schalke 04.
  • After his career, he has worked as a football player among others.
  • Metzelder suspects that he has sent child pornography files via WhatsApp.
  • The prosecution has confirmed the investigation, and the police are now investigating various former professional electronic devices.
  • Metzelder himself has not yet commented on the allegations, but is leaving his office behind and retiring as a PR partner.

Updated since September 8: Because of the allegations against him in the room, Christoph Metzelder leaves his office in the institution named after him. This was announced by the Foundation Board. This step is valid until the facts are clarified. The foundation's homepage is now an opinion to read. Previously, the site was not accessible due to "maintenance". He now says: "It appears from the media coverage that the Hamburg Public Prosecutor's Office has launched a preliminary investigation against Christoph Metzelder. Christoph Metzelder will leave his office at the Institution until the final preliminary investigation. on-going procedures, the Foundation will not comment further. "

Updated since September 7: Responding to allegations made against former national footballer Christoph Metzelder, a theology professor left the board of the former football player's foundation. It does so first because of the gravity of the complaints 'and secondly because of the incomprehensible silence of both Christoph Metzelder and the Foundation, which in turn is as incomprehensible as it is inappropriate given the gravity of the accusation,' said Peter Schallenberg of Germany. Press Service on Friday with. Earlier radio Hochstift had mentioned the step of Paderborn theologian.

RTL presenter asks Klinsmann about Metzelder – viewers overwhelmed

News of September 6: Former international footballer Christoph Metzelder has received support from his former coach Jürgen Klinsmann. "I am convinced there is nothing in it," Klinsmann told RTL ahead of the European Championship between Germany and the Netherlands in Hamburg at the request of coordinator Laura Wontorra.

On Tuesday, it was announced that the Hamburg prosecutor's office against Metzelder was suspected on suspicion of spreading child pornography. In third place at the 2006 World Cup center, Metzelder came under Klinsmann's coach.

In the social media, the moderator's query brought the user furious. One user wrote on Twitter: "Asking TV expert Jürgen Klinsmann what his attitude towards Causa Metzelder is, he is so subject to Laura Wontorra (or the editors behind it). What the hell should he say, just because he is another user writes: "Absolutely no understanding that Laura Wontorra Klinsmann asked #GERNED for Metzelder." Another can't understand Wontorra's question: "Laura Ludowig and Metzeld's question RTL was disappointing. "

Updated September 5, 8:59 pm: The German Football Association (DFB) has announced SIDAsk Metzelder to participate in the Hennef coaching seminar "unjustly awaiting clarification of the allegations against him" due to the investigation. The ARD had also announced that it was withdrawing its examination of the Metzelder case as an expert. National coach Joachim Loew wanted to go to a press conference in Hamburg on Thursday about the issue of non-treatment: "As long as I do not know the whole situation firsthand, I cannot and will not comment on it at all."

Christoph Metzelder: Chief Attorney – Active step in the PR office

Updated September 5, 3:25 pm: Christoph Metzelder remains at the center. After the ARD had already announced that it had already frozen its cooperation with the TV expert, there is more news: Metzelder is leaving the PR agency he co-founded. The decision was taken jointly, business partner Rafael Berkert said on Thursday. dpa-Request. A joint resumption of the "BrinkertMetzelder" organization is not possible at this time, Brinkert said.

The allegations and inquiries would have surprised him as well as the public. The Hamburg prosecutor's office announced Wednesday that it is investigating Metzelder for suspected child pornography dissemination. On Monday, the Social Campaign Service announced that it plans to expand its sports marketing activities.

Christoph Metzelder: Chief Attorney – Prosecutor Provides Information

Updated September 5, 1:59 pm: Mr Christopher Metzelder hired a senior lawyer. The Düsseldorf-based Rüdiger Deckers now represents the Vice President of the World Champion, such as SID reported. Deckers law firm "tdwe" represented former Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone as well as art consultant and former Fortuna Düsseldorf president Helge Achenbach in spectacular proceedings.

Metzelders' closest personal and business environment has not been heard so far, and at the same time his Twitter account is no longer available.

Topanwalt for Christoph Metzelder – New prosecutor's statements

Deckers has already commented on picture, "I got the defense. Everything is so fresh that I have to first inform myself," the forensic expert said, after paying a brief visit to Metzelder at his home in Düsseldorf. There were no further reactions from his lawyer or client .

For Metzelder, but still the presumption of innocence, it remains after the current state of affairs. "He is a free man," Liddy Oechtering, a spokesman for the Hamburg prosecutor, said on Thursday at his request. SID,

Christoph Metzelder: Interview with national coach Löw

There is currently no reason for a warrant. As Metzelder, who has been a co-operative but has not commented on the issue, or escaped, power failure or recurrence, there are no conditions. The 38-year-old can move freely and virtually leave the country, a spokesman for the authorities said.

Further, the DFB announced SID– Ask Thursday for Metzelders' participation in today's Hennef training seminar due to the investigation "by agreement until the charges against him are clarified". National coach Joachim Loew did not want to elaborate on the matter Thursday at a press conference in Hamburg: "Since I do not know the whole situation firsthand, I cannot and will not comment on it at all." The coach talked about the squad against the Netherlands.

Christoph Metzelder: Serious complaints against world champion opponent

What will happen to Metzelder? The clarity will probably not be so fast. The police and prosecutors will move away from the seized evidence, which will last for quite some time. "It is unlikely that we will have a new press release on this issue any time soon," Oechtering said.

But if the claim against Metzelder is confirmed, it will face further consequences. The law provides for up to five years in prison for distributing child pornography.

Christoph Metzelder: Offline Homepage – The administration does not want to comment

Updated September 5, 10:40 am: Who's next with Christoph Metzelder? The Hamburg Public Prosecutor's Office determines the suspected existence of child pornography content against the former football star.

Metzelder is now backed by politics – FDP Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki has commented on the investigation. The lawyer has a clear guess. On Thursday morning, Metzelder's management reported. "Due to the ongoing investigation, we will not comment," the letter said*.

Christoph Metzelder: Why are its pages offline? New clarification of the prosecutor's office

Updated September 4, 9:10 pm: Meanwhile, the official Facebook page of Christoph Metzelder is offline. If you would like to call the link, you will come across a Facebook error page – "Sorry, this content is not currently available", written there. On the contrary, the former footballer's Twitter page is still linked. Recently, he was active there on Tuesday and shared a contribution from the local TuS Haltern club.

Also, the "Christoph Metzelder Stiftung" homepage is currently unavailable. The reason given is that the page is in "maintenance mode". One is "briefly" again possible.

Metzelder TuS Haltern, a local club, has reportedly made claims

Updated since September 4, 7:43 pm: Metzelder's association, TuS Haltern am See, now reports in a press release on its website. The former international is president of his youth club and also belongs to the U19 coaching staff.

"Christoph Metzelder has been very committed to our club in recent years and has contributed significantly to the successful development," said Tobias Radas, 2nd President of TuS Haltern am See. "The presumption of innocence applies to us." The TuS Haltern am See Executive Committee will not comment further in view of ongoing procedures.

Christoph Metzelder: Prosecutor with new clarification

Updated since September 4, 5:35 pm: The Hamburg prosecutor's office has clarified the procedure in the investigation against Christoph Metzelder. The first indication to the police that a woman obtained child pornography records from Metzelder came from a third party, authorities spokeswoman Liddy Oechtering said. Only then does the police contact the woman and question her as a witness.

First, the authority had announced this morning that the alleged child pornography recipient is filing a criminal complaint against the former returning national player. But the police did not actively address her, they say. Whether or not she has filed a complaint is currently unclear.

Christoph Metzelder: Poor Suspect – Prosecutor Now Explains Exact Backgrounds

Updated September 4, 3:14 pm: The Hamburg prosecutor's office also publicly commented on Mr Christoph Metzelder's allegations. In a press release issued by the Attorney General of Hamburg he says:

"Hamburg prosecutor conducts preliminary investigation against former international Christoph Metzelder on suspicion of spreading child pornography. Defendant is accused of sending child pornography images to a recipient in Hamburg via the platform".

During a preliminary investigation on Tuesday, two search warrants were executed by the Hamburg District Court in Düsseldorf. In the context of the investigation, therefore, the data carriers were taken as evidence for the review.

"These elements are now being evaluated. The investigation is continuing," he continues. As for Metzelder, it is only stated: "The defendants behaved cooperatively during the police operation."

SC Preußen Münster with statement on allegations against Christoph Metzelder

Updated September 4, 12:48 pm: Now there is the first official statement about Causa Metzelder. SC Preußen Münster has posted a message on the club's website and on Twitter.

In it, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Frank Westermann and President Christoph Strässer are quoted as saying: "For us, the presumption of innocence is one of the central fundamental principles of the rule of law. We have great confidence in the mechanisms of this constitutional state and the competent authorities. "

In addition, the association will not comment further, even in the light of ongoing procedures. Metzelder is a longtime member of the Supervisory Committee and a member of the SC Prussia 06 eV Münster Supervisory Board. He also works on the Advisory Committee and on the SC Preußen 06 GmbH & Co. main committee. KGaA.

Also his partners* state the allegations against Metzelder.

Suspicion against Christoph Metzelder: investigations confirmed – ARD with first reaction

Updated September 4, 12.29 pm: Christoph Metzelder is currently in Preußen Münster as part of football teacher training. There he also sits on the Supervisory Board, his brother Malte being the sport's chief executive.

According to reports, it is Wednesday afternoon to give an opinion on the allegations – by Metzelder himself. Also in charge of SC Preußen Münster and TuS Haltern will probably comment. At Regionalallist Haltern, Metzelder's youth club, World Champion Vice President is president.

Updated from September 4 at 12:05 pm: Serious charges against Christoph Metzelder – prosecutor's office Hamburg has launched a preliminary investigation into suspected dissemination of child pornography content.

Now there are first implications for the former German national players: ARD has announced that its partnership with Metzelder is currently frozen. The 38-year-old works at the station as a television expert. ARD Sports Coordinator Axel Balkausky explained "Until the allegations are clarified, we will let the collaboration with Christoph Metzelder rest." The World Rivals champion was the last to draw for the second round of the DFB Cup at the sports show in action.

Vortex around Christoph Metzelder: Poor suspicion – prosecutor confirms investigation

Updated September 4, 9:50 am: Who's next with Christoph Metzelder? He was due to drop out of sports school on Tuesday in Hennef, accompanied by investigators from the State Criminal Investigation Office. Suspicion: child pornography.

The Hamburg Public Prosecutor's Office has now launched a preliminary investigation into suspected child pornography. This was confirmed by Liddy Oechtering, spokesman for the Hamburg prosecutor, on Wednesday SID,

A search was conducted Tuesday at the Metzelder home in Düsseldorf. "We are evaluating the data," said Oechtering, who could not provide further information.

Since the content of child pornography was allegedly sent by Metzelder to a recipient in Hamburg, the Hamburg Public Prosecutor's Office is responsible. This was confirmed by the prosecutor regarding the SID request. During the day there must be an official statement from the Hamburg authority.

Metzelder rescued in the context of training the football teacher in the third division of the Prussian Münster. There he also sits on the Supervisory Board, his brother Malte being the sport's chief executive.

Vortex around Christoph Metzelder: Poor suspicion – home search and investigations

First report from September 4, 8:41 am: Hennef – Christoph Metzelder is a world champion opponent, German and Spanish champion and winner of the DFB Cup, has been involved in social work and since 2011 has been awarded the North Rhine-Westphalia Value Award. But now there are serious allegations against the former professional footballer loudly.

Locate State Criminal Investigation Investigators, reports picture, against the former national footballer for suspected child pornography. Metzelder was on Tuesday afternoon at the Hennef Sports School, where he would have to prepare with other soccer experts for any exams or trainings. The former center-back is currently working on his license to become a football teacher.

Christoph Metzelder: Suspicion of child pornography?

And then: εικόνα δείχνει μια φωτογραφία στην οποία μπορεί να δει το Metzelder σε αθλητική στολή. Προφανώς, αφήνει τους λόγους εκείνη τη στιγμή. Συνοδεύτηκε από τους ερευνητές του LKA, την έκφρασή του: Ernst. Η εκπρόσωπος του εισαγγελέα του Αμβούργου, Liddy Oechtering, εξήγησε αντίθετα τη δύση καθώς και το εικόνα μέχρι τώρα μόνο: "Διεξάγουμε προκαταρκτική έρευνα εναντίον ενός 38χρονου Γερμανού για υποψία διάδοσης παιδικής πορνογραφίας, συμπεριλαμβανομένων ψηφιακών εικόνων. Σε αυτό το μάθημα, τα ένδικα μέσα έρευνας λήφθηκαν στο περιφερειακό δικαστήριο του Αμβούργου. Αυτά εκτελέστηκαν. "

Προφανώς το σπίτι του Metzelders αναζητήθηκε την Τρίτη το απόγευμα στο Ντίσελντορφ, ενώ οι ειδικοί ήταν, σύμφωνα με το εικόνα τουλάχιστον έναν υπολογιστή και έναν φορητό υπολογιστή με ασφάλεια. Σύμφωνα με τον Oechtering, τα κατασχεθέντα αποδεικτικά στοιχεία πρέπει να αξιολογηθούν.

Christoph Metzelder: Έρευνες του εισαγγελέα;

Αλλά από πού προέρχονται αυτοί οι σοβαροί ισχυρισμοί; Έτσι εικόνα αναφέρθηκε ότι έχει αναφέρει πριν από τρεις εβδομάδες, μια γυναίκα στην αστυνομία του Αμβούργου. Θα έπρεπε να παρουσιάσει στους ερευνητές τουλάχιστον 15 εικόνες παιδικής πορνογραφίας. Αυτά φαινόταν να της έστειλαν μέσω της WhatsApp – ο υποτιθέμενος αποστολέας θα έπρεπε να είναι ο Metzelder.

Η ποινική δίωξη δεν επιβεβαίωσε επισήμως ότι ο "38χρονος Γερμανός" είναι ο Metzelder – αλλά δεν το αμφισβήτησε επίσης Η Δύση γράφει. Ο εισαγγελέας προφανώς θέλει να σχολιάσει το θέμα την Τετάρτη.

Έχουν γίνει πρόσφατα σοβαρές κατηγορίες εναντίον του Jerome Boateng.

* και αποτελούν μέρος του εθνικού ψηφιακού δικτύου εκδόσεων Ippen

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