Wednesday , June 23 2021

Check WhatsApp Immediately: Otherwise, you will lose your photos and videos tonight

WhatsApp Messenger backups, stored in Google Drive, will no longer be charged to available storage in the future. So far, backups have been properly stored there, taking a fraction of the 15 gigabyte quota that every registered Google user receives on Google Drive for free. With intensive use, these backups quickly grow into several gigabytes, especially videos and photos are important.
The fact that WhatsApp backups will no longer use part of the potential 15GB is the result of a collaboration between WhatsApp and Google and will enter into force on 12 November 2018. For some users, memory can be released before.

Only a significant limitation is the new regulation, which forces the user to act: backups, which have not been updated for more than a year, deleted by Google servers. In order to avoid the loss of backup, it is therefore recommended Manually back up WhatsApp data before November 12, 2018, Then they are on the safe side and can not lose old chat stories, photos or videos.

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