Sunday , February 28 2021

Berlin-Treptow: Decision: Helsinki demolished – Berlin

The Elsenbrücke in Berlin-Treptow can no longer be saved – both halves must be demolished. This was stated by Transport Senator Regine Günther (party for the Greens) on Tuesday. This is the result of a long test week. So far, it was only the eastern part of the bridge, which leads over the Spree. There have been cracks in routine tests during the summer. The road was blocked, traffic had to be avoided – which led to big obstacles.

However, the western part is also damaged, it is identical. The bridge dates from the 60's. First, the already closed east half must be canceled. A toy bridge will be built by 2021. Then the western half was demolished and a new (half) bridge was built. In the final step, the improvised bridge was demolished and a last eastern half built.

All must be completed by 2028, according to the raw traffic planning. Of course, this means that the A100 will end in traffic jam in front of Elsenbrücke when it opens in 2022/2023.


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– Director's memories: Fritz Niedergesäß was there as a space manager when Elsenbrücke was built in the mid-sixties. And she hopes to save her. "It's so elegant."

– The Mühlendammbrücke also faces problems: After Elsenbrücke, the next Berlin bridge threatens to become a rehabilitation case. Pre-tension steel on the Mühlendamm bridge could break.

– The next day: When the traffic mess broke out – read Tagesspiegel on 31 August 2018 here.

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