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Amira Aly: This is Oliver Pocher's new friend


They are already celebrating at the Oktoberfest and the German Film Festival in Milan, attending the Australian Open and a music festival – but always secrets. Now the hide-and-seek game is over: In a fundraiser in Munich, Oliver Pocher presented the Amira Aly model as his new girlfriend.

"It always runs after me, because now you can take a picture," said Pocher at "Bild am Sonntag". There have been rumors for some time that Pocher and the 26-year-old are a couple. However, he always mentioned as a marketing assistant. Aly is semi-Egyptian, comes from Klagenfurt, Austria, and earns her money as a model in front of the camera. Now he lives with Pocher in Cologne, as he confirmed at the German press agency on the gala. The comedian and model met each other through mutual friends.

More recently, Pocher made headlines because he is said to have cheated his girlfriend Sabine Lisicki with the DSDS star Sarah Joelle Janel. In the spring of 2016, tennis players were divided after two and a half years of relationship. He swore he was not a stranger and I trusted him at that time, "Lisicki told Gala magazine at the time.

Oliver Pocher married Sandy Meyer-Wölden

Before Pocher and Lisicki meet, the presenter married Alessandra Meyer-Wölden. He earned it mainly from his short-term commitment to the reputation of Boris Becker. Pocher, at that time still philosopher Harald Schmidt, accused Meyer-Wölden: "For Sandy, the sentence goes too young to die, too old for Lothar Matthäus." Finally, in September 2010, Pocher married blonde. The couple has three children together, followed by a divorce in 2013.

Marriage and children – all of these Pocher did not want with their former girlfriend Monica Ivancan, so the participants "Bachelorette" were split in 2009 after four years with him. "I have a lot of trouble to end up like Naddel," the blonde said in the magazine "In". He had never seen Oliver Pocher, "and we did not have everyday life." Meanwhile, Ivancan is married and has two children.

Jessica Schwartz gave the run to Oliver Pocher

From 2002 to 2004 Oliver Pocher was the presenter Annemarie Warnkross. He came from Hannover and began his career on the Viva music channel. Warnkross is married to actor Wayne Carpendale and works at ProSieben.

Even with actress Jessica Schwartz, Oliver Pocher was once there. In 2000 he gave the comedian the passage. "Without wishing to approach it: Jessica Schwarz never really played a major role." If Dominic Graf did not give it a little or less with a crazy camera, then 80 percent would have fallen off Movies, "Pocher hurts in a interview with the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" in 2010.

Public Appearance: Oliver Pocher presents his new girlfriend

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