Thursday , September 19 2019
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Adobe places Photoshop Lightroom on the Mac App Store – as an Apple subscription

Adobe's photo editor and Lightroom Photo Manager are now available through Apple's Mac App Store. Adobe offers the new cloud-based "Photoshop Lightroom" coupled with 1 TB cloud storage as a subscription fee from Apple. The application must provide full functionality for "organizing, editing, storing and sharing" of the recordings, as the manufacturer points out, obviously corresponding to version 2.3 released in May.

Lightroom subscription costs 10.50 euros per month on the Mac App Store and is therefore a little cheaper than the Adobe Direct Lightroom single subscription. The subscription will start automatically after a one week free trial period. Apple subscription can be canceled on a monthly basis, but Adobe must always complete an annual subscription to Lightroom instead. In the Mac App Store, Adobe also seems to offer an optional annual subscription for 130 euros, but this price is less attractive than the monthly subscription.

Subscriptions and purchases at Apple's App stores are only possible through Apple's payment interconnection, according to the fee for a Lightroom subscription completed there via Apple. Mac maker also wins at the same time, usually a 30 percent commission on subscriptions collected, which is reduced in the second year of registration to 15 percent. Whether this is true for Adobe, it remains unclear.

With significant renovation measures, Apple is trying to breathe new life into the long-running Mac App Store after the retirement of well-known developers from the store. Since early 2019, Microsoft has been offering for the first time the full office suite there, also as a subscription fee from Apple. A relaxation of sandboxing requirements described by developers as disappointing should also bring back apps to the store.


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