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1. FC Köln vs. Dynamo Dresden: All the information about the live ticker game


Cologne –

Even in the Jonas Hector team (28) he gave the direction: "On Sunday we celebrate together!", Captain FC said. Eight times Kölle Alaaf – just in time for the start of the season, the Photovoltaic shoots the disappointment of the Hamburg soul!

Jonas Hector is happy with the audience

Hector was not only pleased with the goal he was shooting with Dynamo because of his two goals: "It was pressure at the cauldron, we knew tomorrow the eleventh would be eleventh." This victory has won our spectators.

After five games without a win, fortune was on the side of Cologne: Jhon Cordoba took the first opportunity (3), the double package Teroddes just before and after the break gave the game in the right direction.

FC created a record

The FC played in a frenzy and set the second division record – on January 28, 2005 Wacker Burghausen also had a 8: 1 victory. He participated in virtually all of the goals: The extraordinary Louis Schaub (23), crowned with a dream goal to 7: 1. In addition to Hector (2 goals), Simon Terodde (3) and Jhon Cordoba (2) contributed to the match sheet.

The session starts one day earlier

At Rhein-Energie-Stadion the session began with one day, the players in the carnival jerseys (version: 8000 pieces) met almost every shot. And then they did not just look relieved – self-understanding was back.

Timo Horn (25): "The goals came at the right time, the victory is really great, we will be in the city as a team, tomorrow is the beginning of the session – we do not want to take anything for an opponent in the fifth season here."

Markus Anfang is happy for Kölner Feier-Seele

But first you can celebrate. Coach Markus Anfang (44) was more than satisfied: "We got really good at the game and it started at the right time." It was time to reward ourselves, but I am really happy for us in Cologne, the fifth season is breaking , every Cologne, which was in the process today, can celebrate well. Beautiful Fastelovend together! "

FC types can take part

And the coach also rewards his players: "FC and Cologne, this is one." Irrespective of the results, the boys must let it rip, they should only behave, no signal from me: no fire! "

Here you can once again watch closely the 1. FC Köln vs Dynamo Dresden match!

final whistle

83. Min: Cracked free kick from the half-time, goalkeeper SP. Schubert judges wrong, Hector is heading to the empty net. That is easy! Eight matches in a game. It looks like the session is open today!

Goal for FC!

82. Mins: Koziello is celebrating his return. Comes to Höger.

78th Min: What a beautiful hit from Schaub! Powerful assistants are doing this same time this time, pulling the corner of the penalty shootout area and snakes entering just as far as the edge. A goal can hardly be more beautiful!

Goal for FC!

73. Min: It's not bad, it's not bad! Dynamo combines the goal of the goalkeeper, FC has no access to the ball at all. Atik swings the ball from an acute angle in the autumn to the corner.

Gateway to Dresden

68th Min: HSV is now 3: 1 in Aue. The top of the board will be nothing for FC today!

61. Minimum: It is now easier and easier for 1. FC Köln! Terodde heads for the ball in full control of a header from Hector five meters from the goal without an opponent in sight. The opportunity can not be taken by the scorer of course and the heads right.

Goal for FC!

60th minute: After a tough duel with Hartman Cordoba he has to be dealt with. He limps out of the field and we have to go out. After a worse injury, it does not look. Gourasi comes for him anyway.

57th Minimum: The next entry is a hit! Again, Schaub, who serves the goal candidate exemplary. He will prevail at the center of the middle field and will learn the ball to run to Hector. Keeps the nerves, lets his opponent go out and loads the goalkeeper Schubert. A nice hit!

Goal for FC!

51 minutes And he continues with joy! Cordoba dominates one-on-one against Dumic with power and traps Schubert from about 13 feet on a wrong leg. But the ball still does not have a chance.

Goal for FC!

49th minute: In the remote area fireworks are now ignited. Smoke hides the curve. The game can still be continued,

46th minute: As soon as the ball rehearses, it is already 3: 0! Dynamo defended the Kreisliga way, Schaub is strong and dribbles strong on the right, inside Terodde is served in the back, which pushes the ball with confidence in the goals. Cordoba and T-Rod are very well aligned. Before the Schaubs dribble, the Colombian had made the ball strong.

Goal for FC!

Half-time Conclusion:The 1 st FC Cologne is 2: 0 ahead. And that, even though fans of the Rheinenergie Stadium do not see a very attractive football game. Only two good opportunities could record FC – both led each to the target. Otherwise, Billy goats find almost no rooms against the solid Dresdeners, who can unfortunately challenge difficulties. Anyway – two successes talk about the effectiveness of the new FC Sturmduos. Now the result must be presented over time.


42. Mins: Shame on FC! Schaub is great in the middle, the race farm just before the penalty shootout, but unfortunately fails. SG's central defender can only clarify the crucial, the ball comes perfectly in front of Terodde's feet, who can enter the ball in the autumn.

Goal for FC!

40th minute: Great opportunity for the 1st Cologne! Drexler brings the ball into a terrible accident at Terodde. He sees the best position in Cordoba, which again fails with his shot at Schubert.

38th minute: A "shot" by Schmitz. For Schubert rather a return.

35th minute: Finally, a good cross from the right. Hartmann, however, is in front of Terodde on the ball.

31st minute: Terodde is retarded against Gonder and gets yellow.

28. Minimum: The game is visible level. With both teams, more and more errors happen now. FC has a hard time looking for a free kick for Dresdener.

23. Minimum: Direct the next update. Aue compensates Fandrich.

21st Min: Brief information from other parties. Leader Hamburg leads Aue with Lasogga goal 1-0.

19. min: Next graduation from Cordoba! Schaub brings the aggressor into his seat at the end of the box. His volley can easily defeat Schubert. Very central.

18th minute The FC with a lot of space in the middle. Höger turns the ball, so he travels at the pace. His subsequent graduation will be excluded.

15 minutes First guest rating. After a big free kick from half the Hartmann field it can prevail in the heads-up duel. The ball goes over the gate.

14th minute: Again, Cordoba is in the right position for the sixteenth Dresdeners. The cracks in the middle, Schubert can only bounce. However, he can fly just before Cordoba in the ball.

13th minute Cologne defense defender is not defensive. On the contrary, nothing happened before the Dresdeners' goal after the lightning began.

4th minute Unlike expectations, FC does not play in the 4-4-2 system but on a 5-3-2 or 3-5-2. Meré, Schmitz and Czichos defend the inside, the back sides include aggressive and defensive hector and tears,

3rd minute What a dream started for Cologne 1. FC! Drexler is at the bottom, crosses the ball high in the Cordoba attack, which pulls the ball to the opponent's goal. Even if Drexler was at least on the border in the offside – a super homo hit!

Goal for 1st Cologne!

1st minute The game is running.


12:55: One day before the start of the sessions, 1. FC Köln will play in the new carnival jersey today. If the Billy Kids earn in red-white striped clothes, the Rheinenergie stadium would definitely be a carnival day before.

12:51: Athletic Director Armin Veh is expecting more from the team today: "I hope we play well and win too." It was a very bad game against the HSV, and we have a clear goal with the ascent that you can not achieve. "I hope we will play against Dynamo with confidence and will become a master."

12:47: After the win over FC is today HSV with 24 points in the first place. Behind the opponents of St. Pauli with 22 points, only one in front of FC in third place. Behind everything, however, everything is tightly staggered. Should SG win against Billy Goats, they will be tied.

12:37: A look at the other games of the second day of the championship. At the same time that FC St. Pauli faces Heidenheim on the court, HSV must play in Aue. Therefore, it is required that the top 3 be completed at the same time. All three teams have the opportunity to overcome the table.

12:30: Markus Anfang warns before the game against Saxons: "The Dynamo is very compact, very tight and very well-staged, creating many opportunities for a middle ball possession, and they have good opponents." The SG was unbeaten in four games.

12:21: Dynamo coach Mike Walters sends the following players: Schubert, Wahlqvist, Dmitz, Nicholas, Hartmann, Bendeli, Aosman, Cone, Heis, Ebert, Gonder.

12:16: Kessler, Sörensen, Guirassy, ​​Özcan, Koziello, Bader and Hauptmann are all sitting at FC Bank.

12:10: Markus Anfang not only surprised with two staff changes but also a regular change. For Özcan and Guirassy Schmitz and Cordoba, move to the original composition. This turns the "early" 4-1-4-1 system into a classic 4-4-2.

12:05: The composition is here! This alpha trusts Markus to begin.

12.00: Welcome to the live ticker of the match between 1. FC Köln and Dynamo Dresden!

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