Thursday , February 25 2021

The price of a drug increases by 600% to take advantage of the overdose epidemic

The United States is now undergoing a severe opioid crisis. Only in 2017, 49,000 people died of an overdose of these pain killers. Fortunately, there is a drug called "xylan" which in some cases can quickly reverse the effects of an overdose of opioids. It has saved thousands of lives and is essential for first aid.

The lab, which produces EVZIO, a form of Naxolon, has decided to take advantage of the vital need of its product to increase the price. It sells in the rage of $ 575 ($ 503) in 2014, rising to $ 4,100 ($ 3,587) in 2017. Whether seven times more expensive.

This dramatic rise has led to research by the United States Senate. In their report, the researchers conclude that the lab has "exploitation of the opioid crisis". Indeed, at the first price rise in 2016, the new business plan of the pharmaceutical company stated that "2016 is a critical moment for our long-term successAnd that the price increase would be an instrument "take advantage of the opportunity"This representsoverdose of opioids at epidemic levels".

Millions of dollars to taxpayers

Fortunately, EVZIO, which comes in the form of an automatic injector (similar to insulin syringes), is not the only treatment with nicoxol on the market. There are cheaper solutions. A nasal spray is also available, as well as a generic version.

In general, the Senate estimates that EVZIO has cost US taxpayers at $ 142 million in just four years as Caleo has ordered physicians to prescribe EVZIO to fill in the forms stating that the drug is a medical necessity. So, it can be refunded by social security agencies such as Medicare and Medicaid, at the expense of less costly solutions.

Kaleo replied that his drug has saved over 5,000 lives and has never won that. Ensures that these are "patients, not profitsWho directed his actions.

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