Thursday , July 29 2021

"The Little House in the Plain" mourns the death of the interpreter Harriet Oleson

TRISTESSE – American actor Katherine MacGregor, who played the incredible Harriett Oleson at Little House in the Prairie, died at the age of 93. It was his partner on the screen Melissa Gilbert who announced this sad news.

"The little house in the meadow" loses one of its iconic faces. Actor Katherine MacGregor, who played painful Harriett Oleson on the hit television series, died at the age of 93. Melissa Gilbert, the interpreter Laura Ingalls, announced the news on Wednesday on Instagram's account.

"This woman taught me so much about comedy, vintage jewelery, life, it was extrovert and terribly funny, a talented actor who could play a hateful character but with such a heart," he writes. .

"Harriet Oleson was the woman our fans liked to hate," says her character, as greedy and arrogant as Nellie's daughter played by Alison Arngrim.

"What the people outside our meadow did not know was how helpful it was to the young actors, I really loved it and I am glad to know it is peaceful and that according to its beliefs, its soul is reincarnated Goodbye Scottie I hope with all my heart that we will meet again. "

A native of Glendale, California, Katherine MacGregor, known as Scottie, grew up in Colorado before moving to New York in 1949 where she took her first comedy lessons. After several years of presence at the Broadway Theater, in 1954 he died a small role in Sur les quai Elia Kazan. But thanks to television it will become a star.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1970, Harriett Oleson appeared in several rows before the landing, four years later, at The Little House in Prairie, the adaptation of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books, a story of several families at Walnut Grove, Minnesota , in the late nineteenth century.

Written, produced and performed by Michael Landon, the series will be broadcasted in the United States on the NBC channel and in France on TF1 since 1976. It will end in 1983 after nine seasons and 204 episodes.

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