Monday , January 25 2021

The Brazilian Grand Prix Notebook – F1

He did not win the Brazilian Grand Prix. But the best driver on Sunday was he. Beginning fifth from the network, Max Verstappen (Red Bull) quickly passed Vettel, Räikkönen and Bottas. Then, taking advantage of Lewis Hamilton's stance, he took the GP's lead. Verstappen captured his subject so well that only one stroke would stop him from winning the Grand Prix. But this hit of the batch reached the 43rd turn when it left in a spin after a clash with Esteban Ocon. Beyond Hamilton, who found himself with a damaged car, Max Verstappen fought in the end but eventually finished second. Annoying …

Daniel Ristardo: 14/20

Like Max Verstappen, his teammate at the Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo also had a great race, the dramatic end in fewer. Passing five positions in the starting grid, the Australian rider started in 11th place. But it finally finished fourth! With the attitudes of the game, I was even soon a leader before I started … for a pit pass. At the end of the race, Ricciardo was in the match with Räikkönen for third place. He was ultimately the last to win. Sure, Daniel Ritsirdo expects a step from the General Secretary. of Monaco in July. But he eventually signed a good race, often forced to retire at the last Grand Prix.

He is still the winner. But will Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) beat if Max Verstappen did not turn in with Esteban Ocon? In the first third of the Grand Prix, Hamilton was good, dominating the debates after starting in the pole position. Nothing complains. But after stopping the pit, for the damaged tires, he was unable to take the first place in Max Verstappen, until the last hook with Ocon. Hamilton then held the lead but suffered, with the tires still being destroyed and without competition, Red Bull Verstappen suffered damage to return. A victory, certainly, but not the most beautiful time for Lewis Hamilton. There were still stock makers for Mercedes at the end.

Kimi Ricken: 12/20

Without making a noise, Kimi Räikkönen climbed the podium of the Brazilian Grand Prix. He finished third without ever getting involved in the final victory. But, in the last rounds, he was in the fight with Daniel Ricciardo for this third place on the podium. And he managed to overcome the Australian driver. Thanks to this result, Räikkönen retained his third place in the World Championship standings at the end of the season's Grand Prix.

Far from Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, Charles Leclerc (Sauber) secured the "other race". And it was rewarded with a nice seventh place. This allowed him to enter points for the ninth time of the season. For a few laps, Leclerc resisted Sebastian Vettel, who returned from the pits. He let go when he realized he could not stand in the distance. But then let anyone not steal this famous seventh part.

With a good start, Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) was fast second behind Hamilton (when he was third in the grid). He has stayed for a long time from the world champion before going through a relentless Verstappen. Then Botvas did not talk about him, eventually reaching fifth.

The disappointment of the Brazilian Grand Prix. The world championship vice president finished second in qualifying. But it only took the sixth place in the race. Beyond the entry of Bottas at first, he quickly sank into the rankings and never played the leading roles, unable to compete with Mercedes and completely helpless before the big Red Bull. A weekend to forget.

D'Esteban Ocon, we will only remember the conflict with Max Verstappen, who was depriving the Dutch driver of the victory. One round later, he tried to double the latter, sent him to the background and found himself in a hell. Ocon, sure of his right, did not regret anything. And he had the intelligence not to respond to the bustle of Verstappen after the fight. Otherwise he was very discreet in the race, quickly found himself among the lowest and eventually ended 15th.

Behind the three "big" Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, the Renault team is the fourth-largest manufacturer. At present, he still holds this position. But Renault did not score any points on Sunday. Nico Hulkenberg left and Carlos Sainz Jr finished 12th. His opponent, Haas, scored six points with Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen. Only (short) weekend satisfaction: McLaren, who could still claim the fourth place, is now out of the box.

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