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The Apple Card is expensive in a leather wallet

The Apple Card is beautiful with the multilayer coating and white finish … except that it would be better to put it under a glass bell away from home rather than use it in real life. In a noisy technical sheet, Apple gave some tips to clean the card and prevent it: it's best not to carry it in a leather wallet (read: Yes, the Apple card is also clean).

Because very quickly, small scratches and discolorations appear on the map, as shown in image @Zed in response to an article byAppleInsider. This former Apple employee participated in the Apple Card testing program and sent it in a leather wallet for two months. The result is devastating.

The slices of the white coating disappear from the titanium, with severe corrosion at the edges of the map. The magnetic tape was expensive and there are discolorations here and there. The downgrade is very visible and obviously very fast. Maybe Apple has revised its card design to the general public (the Apple Card has been available to all US users for a few days), but … maybe not.

In any case, this story has a lot of fun on the internet, and Revolut still fits well with the look of his card coming in and out of a leather case. No damage …

Apple and titanium are a long story: the coating of the PowerBook G4 Titanium has also deteriorated over time. This somewhat cools the excitement around the upcoming Apple Watch in titanium …

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