Tuesday , October 19 2021

Taxes: against fraud, Gerald Darmanin announces that the taxpayer will monitor social networks


TAXATION – Tax administration will experiment next year on tracking taxpayers' accounts on social networks to combat tax evasion, Gerald Darmanin reports in Capital, M6.

"If you have taken your picture many times with a luxury car when you can not afford it, maybe your cousin lends you or maybe not." To combat tax evasion, the Minister for Action and Public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin, announced an unprecedented experiment : examines the social networks of taxpayers.

"Locating Points for a Living Standard That Does Not Happen to Declared Profits"

Capital's guest, who will be broadcast on M6 this Sunday, Gerald Darmanin, said that this experiment would be "probably beginning early next year along with the tax police" and other provisions provided by the law of 24 October .

This monitoring aims at analyzing the available data on "personal accounts as they are public" on social networks. These data will be "monitored by experimentation", in particular for the detection of indications of a living standard that is inadequate with the declared income. And the minister added: "We have all the known people who say," It's not normal, there are people who earn very little and have a way of living well above their income. "The law was adopted, we will implement this measure early in the year ".

"We will be able to place social networks in a large database," said Gerald Darmanin, who believes that "French photography is often made on social networks." He said social network specific audits would be in agreement with CNIL (National Commission on Information Technology and Freedoms).

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