Thursday , August 5 2021

[Société] "All Against Dengue" November 30th

And here is a completely new prevention action that lands November 30. Following campaigns in the media or door-to-door players against the player,conference"He was baptized "Together Against Dengue Fever," an initiative of the county and ARS.

On Friday 30 November, this great mobilization day will bring together all private and public actors. They will be mobilized to spread to the wider public as well as personal prevention messages. The goal: to combat mosquito proliferation as effectively as possible in the context of the Australian summer arrival, leads to a new wave of epidemic. Because despite the mobilization of all actors on the ground, there are still many cases: Last week, 11 new cases were diagnosedand since the beginning of the year, 6657 dengue cases have been confirmed.

Information on the outbreak of 13 November:

(Data from OI Wax, Public Health of France)

of 29 October to 4 November, 11 cases of dengue fever have been confirmed.

The cases identified are divided into the following areas:

=> To the west : The Door (1 case) and Saint-Liu (1 case)

=> In the south : The St. Louis (3 cases), St. Louis (2 cases), The stamp (1 case), The salt lake (1 case) and Saint Pierre (1 case)

=> In the north : Saint Denis (1 case)

In total since early 2018, we record:

147 hospitalizations for dengue fever

• 457 visits to emergency sites

• 5 deaths, of which 3 were considered as directly related to dengue fever

This wide-scale awareness campaign should bring together a wide range of stakeholders from companies to administrations and associations. Inside or with the public, this November 30th will remind everyone of the importance of protecting and effectively combating mosquitoes, viruses.

It will revolve around different topics and goals:

• Encourage and convince the people of Réunion of its importance remove stagnant water in their garden
• Sensitize actors inwaste removal and bulky
Efficiently reduce risks transmission of the dengue virus in Réunion
• General broadcast messages prevention
Connect the forces and means behind the same cause to eliminate the spread of the virus

The county also recalls that within the Science Fair, 27th editionARS OI's vector testing teams today offer workshops to inform and warn the public about the dangers associated with the dengue virus and thus persuade every visitor to carry out mosquito-prompter gestures daily.

>> Meet the LAV teams from 9H to 12H and from 13H to 16H from November 13th to November 14th at the CYROI platform

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