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P.T. (Silent Hills): A modder discovers a scary secret 4 years later

Launched in August 2014 exclusively on PlayStation 4, P.T. It would freeze the blood of many players. The title made it possible to incorporate an unknown character (who turned out to be Norman Reedus) into a house apparently haunted by Lisaa terrible woman with long black hair and a white nightgown.

A scary character that rarely appeared in the demo but constantly agitated the players. They had the impression that Lisa they were constantly behind them … and they were right! Lance McDonald, known for searching for bugs in games, recently attacked P.T. and found a way to control the camera regardless of the character. And surprisingly, Lisa is constantly behind the player, ready to jump on him. This enhances the repression experienced by returning players P.T. by any means, and that could explain its appearance Lisa very early in the demo.

As a reminder, WP it was a demo teasant Silent Hills, new horror game by Konami designed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, with the casting of Norman Reedus. Unfortunately, the Japanese studio was separated from Kojima Productions, all these beautiful people went to do Death in his corner. And the license Silent Hill has been wandering in the fog ever since Silent Hill: Down in 2012 …

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