New scandal of animal abuse in an Indre slaughterhouse


Paris (AFP) – A new animal shortage broadcast by the L214 military alliance led to a request by the Minister of Agriculture for a temporary closure of a slaughterhouse classified bioindustry.

Animals suspended from a leg, cut while still conscious: these pictures secretly at the end of August and early September animal protection alliance led to the prefecture immediately suspended and temporarily, the Boischaut slaughterhouse activity, the Lacs (Indre) public facility that Pays de la Chatre-Sainte-Sévère settlement community.

Approximately 17 000 animals a year are included in this certified organic slaughterhouse with 17 employees.

Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume, who condemned the "inadmissible practices" statement, also stated that he also authorized the National Veterinary Investigation Office to initiate an administrative inquiry.

"The conclusions make the right decisions," said the minister's statement.

Yet, in 2016, "the main points of completeness" have already been mentioned, L214 says on its website, rejecting "deficiencies in veterinary services that allow for the long-term existence of these acts".

AFP asked, Chateauroux's prosecution said he filed two complaints on Friday. One in the slaughterhouse for two offenses: private intrusion and image capture. The other is L214 because of "animal abuse".

The association "provided 45 pages of evidence to prove the ill-treatment of animals". Two preliminary investigations have been launched, "the prosecution said to AFP.

– Carrefour and Système U suspend their offer –

AFP has made many attempts to contact the slaughterhouse leaders who have become unavailable.

In addition, the L214 association called the distribution groups System U and Carrefour, which sell the slaughterhouse's meat to "stop it immediately."

The two dealers decided to stop the work immediately with the slaughterhouse, he told AFP. "We are looking forward to the results of the investigation and see what will happen to us," added the spokeswoman for the Carrefour Group.

François de Rugy, Minister of Ecology and Solidarity, "strongly condemned the cruel practices that are unacceptable in France in 2018". "Checks and checks are no longer sufficient, so it is important to keep track of the slaughterers' compliance with these practices," said the Environment Minister.

But "more than two years after stunning checks showed 80% of slaughterhouses were inappropriate, slaughterhouses are the same," L214 replied Saturday after the outraged reaction of ministers.

He called on the government to take concrete action on each slaughterhouse and confirmed his request to join the National Cancer Ethics Committee (CNEAb), a consultative group on animal welfare in slaughterhouses.

In March 2016, the L214 association condemned the animal's suffering at the Mauléon (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) slaughterhouse, the same mode of action, the secret videos.

Two and a half years after the release of the pictures, the former director of the institution was sentenced on Monday by Pau's criminal court to six months' imprisonment and sentenced workers to a fine.

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