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In the Paul-Picquet Clinic at Sens, a tool for pre-diabetes detection – Sens (89100)

Developed by Impeto Medical, Sudoscan technology can detect early the risk of diabetes or even pre-diabetes. A particularly valuable tool when we know that in France more than 3.3 million people suffer from diabetes and that many patients do not even know they have it.

More than 19,000 Icaunese care for diabetes

Identify the risks even before diagnosis

On Wednesday 14 November, on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, at Paul-Picquet Clinic, the material was made available to the public in the lobby to encourage control. Especially because the latter is "completely painless, it lasts less than three minutes and does not need to be fast," says Jean-Henri Calvet, Impeto Medical. It explains: "You just need to put your hands and feet on the electrodes. A small electrical voltage is used that stimulates the sweat glands."

The test evaluates autonomic peripheral neuropathies, an index of diabetes and pre-diabetes. "This technology has two applications: to allow the monitoring of diabetic patients and, above all, to detect early the risk of being achieved. This is not a diagnosis but a warning." If the examination presents a pathological risk, the patient is directed to a proper care path.

"We develop this equipment either in hospitals or pharmacies, with free access," says Jean-Henri Calvet.

A patient who comes to view estimates: "Obviously, we can have diabetes hidden, so this year I said to myself that I'm coming to check in. It took only three minutes, we do not feel anything, and it's fast."

Sensitization actions proposed by Sens, the city's hospital center and the Yonne Diabetes Association

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