Thursday , March 4 2021

Facts – Grande-Synthe Justice: The ecological mayor's appeal to the state for the "climate inertia"

From Provans (with AFP)

Mayor Grande-Synthe, Damien Carême, called on a gentle appeal to the state on Monday "Inertia in combating climate change"AFP learned on Tuesday from related sources.

This noble appeal has been submitted to the Minister for Ecological Transition, the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic "so that France finally sets out the necessary policies to respect the commitments we have made, which is not the case today", Said AFP, mayor's lawyer, Corinne Lepage, confirming information from Paris.

Upon receipt of a free appeal, the government has two months to comply with the complainant's request. "If within two months we have no answer or if the state answers no, we will go to the judge"said the former Minister of the Environment. "The municipality of Grande-Synthe, particularly exposed to climate change, is interested in the fact that the measures necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are effective and important"Mrs Lepage explained.

Indeed, the city "can be greatly affected by climate change because Grande-Synthe is in a polder territory that worries about sea-level sinking when sea levels rise"AFP Damien Carême told AFP. "The government is not doing enough in the fight against climate change and therefore undermining the future of my community"he continued.

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