Tuesday , November 24 2020

Élise Lucet reveals the amount of her salary

VIDEO – The journalist is the host and journalist Cash study confirmed in its columns Marie-Claire this week the amount of his salary.

In January 2018, TV Star published a survey on Élise Lucet, in which some witnesses described her "difficult nature" Cash study and Special envoy . This document also revealed that France Télévisions' terrible researcher earned € 25,000 a month. At the time the article was published, the principal had not responded. Today, almost a year later, he returns by confirming a half word from the information.

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"My so-called salary," begins with the statement in his columns Marie-Claire released this Wednesday, November 7th. "It's up to the months, but yes, it's spinning around that," he finally acknowledges his favorite French host before adding. "This story has captured my mind for 48 hours and then you went in. It's part of the job, I do not want everyone to love me.

Visitor for the Buzz TV set Television magazine last October, Élise Lucet had already returned to the criticism he regularly receives. In his way of wondering, for example, the big bosses of the group in his magazines, is considered very annoying by some people. "If we make water, it is never critiqued When you do something abrasive, you have to wait for criticism It's perfectly normal I do not want to thank everyone I want to be recognized for my good work with my teams and told me that" , they did the job. "(From the 21st in the main video)

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