Thursday , August 5 2021

Bioethanol: how to save on fuel manufactured in France

Sugar beet that is visible along the streets of northern France does not end all with table sugar, allowing (such as sugar cane, wheat or corn) to obtain, after fermentation and distillation, ethyl alcohol (or ethanol) that can be used fuel in most current gasoline cars, with some minor modifications to their engine.

Excessive production

France is by far the largest ethanol producer in Europe. It has distilled for the last 12 months 18 million hectoliters, 6 for traditional uses of alcohol (beverages, industry etc) and 12 are intended to be incorporated into petrol for France or exported, 5 to 7,5% to super SP95 and 98, 10% in SP95-E10 and 65 to 85% in E85 superethanol. But this last fuel, now distributed in 1070 stations in France, benefits from a very advantageous tax (reduced TICPE), which allows it to be sold on average 66 minutes per liter compared to 1.46 € per liter SP95-E10, 1, 53 for SP95 and 1.57 for SP98.

Average profit of 600 euros per 10,000 kilometers

It is true that ethanol is less energy-dense than gasoline and therefore the use of E85 leads to over-consumption of about 15 to 25% depending on engine characteristics and driving style. but the operation remains economically advantageous in all cases with an E85 liter more than 50% cheaper by allowing an average profit of 600 euros per 10,000 km. From an environmental point of view, the use of fuel mainly from agriculture reduces fossil CO2 emissions by 66% , while road testing (RDE) from an independent laboratory has shown a 90% reduction in particulate emissions, a 30% reduction in NOx compared to a SP95 fuel car.

Genuine cars or housings

Yes, but now, to run safely on the E85, we need a customized car and manufacturers, many who will propose in the early 2010 models developed from the start to be able to work indifferently to pure gasoline, E85 or any proportion of the mix of the two, have gradually abandoned this market due to a lack of demand. Until new flexfuel models are to be proposed in 2019, given the increasingly favorable economic and financial framework, case manufacturers are adapting a gasoline vehicle to the E85 use that was most likely to expect the current situation.

Many tax benefits

In particular, Biomotors and FlexFuel Energy Developpement, which are the only ones to date, have received the approval of their accommodations, certifying that once they have been installed, they guarantee the observance of pollutant emissions rules. The price of these cases varies from € 700 to € 1500, depending on the car model, an investment that can be amortized in less than one year for larger riders, especially because cars that can benefit from E85 benefit from other tax benefits such as a free or half-price registration card depending on the region or, for companies, the ability to recover 80% of the VAT on the E85. Better, the PACA and Grand Est regions are preparing to create a € 250 grant to install these boxes. Finally, while most manufacturers violate the warranty of the vehicle after this type of modification, the case manufacturers replied by offering their own warranty, which may be up to 3 years for the engine or any element that comes in contact with SuperEthanol E85 .

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