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Aya Nakamura on the verge – Le Parisien

Tsunami warning! You may have seen Saturday night at the NRJ Music Awards at TF1. Aya Nakamura is the phenomenon of the year, without the expression being used too much. With its 400 million appearances on YouTube … 225 million for the unique "Djadja", the addictive stock, this 1m74 sculptural beauty, as proud and direct as its audience, has become a star among young girls. His new album "Nakamura", released a week ago, is already exiting all the streaming files, even chasing super rap rap Booba, rather vigorously in this game.

VIDEO. "Djadja", "Behavior": Aya Nakamura decipher the lyrics of her songs

Its magic filter: her voice "a mixture of Africa and the suburban," stories of betrayal and female pride that speak to young women. The 23-year-old artist, mother of a three-year-old girl, was forced by the violence of social networks. "I started with video on Facebook and Instagram, my neighbors begging me to go to the studio, and I was the little-known neighborhood singer," says the young woman who formed a combination of Adidas that suggests Kill Bill's clothing, his vengeful heroine Quentin Tarantino.

Secret ambitions

His neighborhood: these are the "3000" in Aulnay-sous-Bois, a giant city of Seine-Saint-Denis with a difficult reputation … but that does not weigh with little Aya Danioko. This elder of a brother of five children (including a boy) grew up there dreaming of the fate of his oldest fanatic. "Little, I was marked by girls like Amel Bent in the phone, girls that looked like me. When I grow up, I'd love to go too far. The teenager is full of Usher's musical style, the love of the ladies of the time. "I was singing in my bedroom with pajamas, drank my sister and started writing songs."

It stops school quickly because "I did not like it" and strengthens all kinds of music, "rock, soul, all styles Afro, Caribbean and zouk, many zouk …" writing everything that goes by his head. But it keeps the ambitions of the career secret. "No one would take me seriously, nor support the family or the teachers. I'd have said that This is not a job, then asked Do you have a record company, you know someone, you have a studio? "


The 23-year-old artist has been forced by the power of social networks. // PARISIEN / Frédéric DUGIT

"It's not for me to adapt"

Just a few months when she arrived in France from her mother Mali, she belongs to this generation who plays with her cultural heritage to modernize her. Especially since his mother knows the song very well. In the true sense. "She released the first 40 euros for my first studio because she is also an artist in her own way like a cherry," says Aya Nakamura. Understand: a person who has a high place in African culture as a messenger of oral culture.

From that time on, the diva of neighborhoods is imposed in the style of writing and expressions in the direction that has now entered the common language of adolescents. "They ask me so often what that means In the catchana catch (Editor's note: dog's sexual position) or bomb (used in the pipes of "Djadja" or "Girlfriends") that perhaps people do it for purpose, entertain the artist. So I talk to my friends every day and I will not hurdle because it's my personality. It is not for me to adapt. "

Popular beyond the border

An insurance that gave him weapons to win in a male environment. "Rap is a middle-aged man, it's more than doubling." When you're a girl, it's hard. "In the recording studio, I'm often the only girl, initially shocking and then accustomed to it, you must have more character to impose yourself and you really know why are you here? To get into this environment, you just have to believe in yourself. "


/ LP / Delphine Goldsztejn

And it worked. "Today, I am recognized with my back even when I have sunglasses and a lid," he amuses himself. And I add: "When I go to get bread, people are overwhelmed by seeing me. My first reaction is to tell me, but what do they have? And then when I remember that I'm known. "A popularity that crosses the border, especially in the Netherlands, where sales were number one … first by Edith Piaf in 1961." There is also Romania, Portugal … I do not know why they love me do not understand the lyrics but I think it comes from the sound of my loom. "

And with a full Olympia in two hours (March 31) and a tour that arrives, the hydromassage is not likely to fall anytime soon.


"Nakamura" by Aya Nakamura, Rec 118, Parlophone, 1 CD, 12.99 euros.

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