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Apple news: what awaits us (probably) in 2021

Apple closed 2020 with a ton of new products, with the icing on the cake being the release of the AirPods Max in mid-December. A real performance in the face of the health crisis that has severely disrupted the manufacturer’s development and production capabilities. And for 2021?

If we can hope that the new year will turn out to be a little less hectic than 2020, on the other hand from Apple, we have to wait for a new marathon of innovations that could arrive fairly quickly and why not in the spring. Its new versionApple TV, which was last updated in 2017, is one of the most anticipated new products. More power, more storage and focus on video games, this is the robot portrait that has been rumored for many months.

Concept: MacRumors

Following the new flow chart, Apple could also unveil its own AirTags. These labels, which will be hung on valuable products (wallet, bicycle, cat, bag, etc.) to find them better in case of loss, are also part of the rumor for a long time.

Last September, it was already reported that production of these small devices had begun. The product will be available in two sizes and will be powered by a one-button battery. The AirTag can be carried on a kind of keychain at the end of a leather strap. All that remains is to buy it … Maybe at the same time with a big update of the Locate application, in the heart of the AirTags system.

Apple added a new member to the AirPods family later this year with its new luxury handset. 2021 should signal a return to the basics as the manufacturer has to focus on its headphones. The AirPods and AirPods Pro could be passed on to a new generation (third and second, respectively). For AirPods 3, there is no active isolation but better autonomy. As for the AirPods Pro 2, they could change their design to be more discreet. A new chip would succeed the current H1.

The Apple Watch, which was entitled to a transitional 6 Series in 2020, would be entitled to a new design this year (maybe a flat screen like the iPhone 12?). Ming-Chu Kuo also announced new health monitoring features.

If the iPhone SE (2020) caused a sensation last April, Apple should not renew its entry level in the first half of the year. Ming-Chi Kuo predicts rather one iPhone SE “Plus” 5.5 or 6.1 inches instead of the end of the year. The real successor to this model would be expected in 2022, with a 6.1-inch LCD screen and design similar to the iPhone XR, without Face ID but with 5G support. An ignition button with a built-in Touch ID, like on the iPad Air 4, would be there.

The iPhone 2021 range according to DisplaySearch, for download with a grain of salt.

AboutiPhone 13 (at least that’s how he was christened by rumors), we should not bet on drastic changes. The iPhone 12, after marking the departure from the previous generation in terms of design and support for 5G, Apple will have to play the repeater card.

But that does not mean that the future range will not be interesting: Pro models could finally integrate ProMotion screens at 120 Hz. And in the photo section, we can expect (at least) an extremely large – improved angle and, perhaps, LiDAR in the four expected models. Finally, Wi-Fi 6E could improve wireless connections.

The radius iPad, is more cloudy. Will Apple launch a new tablet with mini-LED screens earlier this year, even if that means a technology change in 2022 (OLED, in this case)? Beyond the plate, it will also be necessary above all to closely monitor the evolution of the processor. The iPad Pro A12Z released in 2020 lost much of its lead over the A14 iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4, especially in terms of graphics.

Hard to predict the future of the iPad, especiallyiPad Pro. The power gap with Macs has been reduced thanks to the record-breaking M1 chip. This brings us very naturally to challenge the good old Apple computers that had a change last year, the result of a transition to ARM that should take two years.

Ming-Chi Kuo saw in the crystal ball of a 14-inch MacBook Pro, an unprecedented diagonal for a laptop with a revised design – and equipped with a mini-LED display? This model will replace the 13-inch MacBook Pro equipped with four Thunderbolt 3 ports, which still runs on an Intel processor. The 16-inch MacBook Pro should also undergo a heart transplant and, why not, a renewed design.

For Macs, theiMac in turn will benefit from a household chip, a brand new frame and a 23 or 24 inch screen. This version will replace the 21-inch iMac, as for the 27-inch at the moment we are not very advanced, as well as the fate of the iMac Pro that could disappear. His future Mac Pro is it still in the dark: smaller tower but still flexible?

The same TF Securities analyst added just a small bonus: in 2021 he would finally see the first product focused on augmented reality. And there, the reputation for the subject was more than just a prelude! Instead of glasses, it could be a headset, perhaps a VR headset provided by The information then Mark Gurman in 2022 (and 2023 for sternly speaking glasses). So a launch in 2021 seems premature, but who knows.

We will take advantage of the first relatively calm days of January to evaluate our finances with our banker, because this new year of Apple will cost us more 💸.

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