Friday , April 16 2021

a woman who threatens to blow a bomb in the CHU under control

The person whose violent behavior at the Dunkirk Hospital (North) has triggered a size-sized police operation this morning has been controlled, the county said. The Voice of the North Earlier she reported that a woman came to the reception with suitcases claiming to contain explosives.

"In the morning, a person came to the Emergency Department of the Dunkirk Hospital. Because of the threats it brought, the hospital alerted the police," the northern county said in a statement. The Raid raid, an elite police unit, was alerted, a protective perimeter was created around the hospital and started a demining operation, he said. "The person is now under control," the county added. "Judicial inquiry will determine the exact circumstances of this act." Emergency management was temporarily transferred to Calais or Grande-Synthe, depending on pathological conditions.

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