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"The people of Tigray have developed a feeling of secession," Debretsion

Tigray deliberately intended an attack and developed a feeling of secession from Ethiopia. Opposition leaders in Tigray, on the other hand, accuse the TPLF of weakening Ethiopia and spreading the secession agenda as a political game

Debbure Gebremichael _TPLF _ Tigray Photo / file
Debretsion Gebremichael


June 12, 2019

In an interview with the Ethiopian Reporter, a local local newspaper, Debrestion, says: "The people of Tigray have developed a feeling of secession [from Ethiopia] due to a deliberate ethnic assault targeting Tigray. "

His remark came two days after Abiy Ahmed's hosting in Aksum, where he and the prime minister met with members of the community about the deterioration of the Ancient Obelisk situation.

In a country where the government speaks of unity, Debretsion continued, the growing tendencies that affect unity and deliberate "attack on the Tiger people" force people to lose confidence in the idea of ​​living in the system and rather to prove the feeling of secession.

"We are [a reference to his party, Tigray People’s Liberation Front and leaders] that bind the people to promote the idea that we can fight from within. Otherwise, people think of secession … an open deliberate attack that opened up to Tigray's people. A campaign that you can not expect from your government, "said Debretsion.

One of the issues that substantiated his allegation of "targeted assault against the Tigers" is fending ethnic Tigers from middle and low-level government positions in the federal government. He alleges that they were dismissed not because of lack of capacity but because of their ethnic identity.

He also said there was an effort to starve people in Tigray by closing a motorway to Tigray and authorities in the neighboring Amhara area and the federal government knew about it. In fact, it reached the allegation that "the federal and regional authorities seem to have recognized the closure." He adds, "This was an attack on the Tigray people and the government is responsible for it."

In his response to the issue of the former chief of espionage, Getachew Assefa, said that whoever is in "fault" should be held accountable. While he says he supports any legal measure if there are individuals in the governmental structure, but found that "the allegation against Getachew Assefa is shameful in the world." For him, it is a serious matter, and former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne can be questioned if Getachew Assefa, his partner during the 17-year guerrilla war against Colonel Mengistu, is questioned. And he said the secret workers in prison should be released.

Members of an opposition party at Tigray, however, accuse TPLF leaders, including Debretsion, that the organization has worked to create a sense of secession in Tigray and weaken Ethiopia. Abraha Desta, leader of Arena Tigray – a Tigray opposition party – in a Facebook publication, says TPLF has worked on a secessionist sentiment at Tigray to reinforce the importance of TPLF as a negotiating power. He did not say, however, that there is no sense of segregation in Tigray.

Amdom Gebreslasie, also an official official of the Arena, criticized the Debretsion statement. "The Tigray people will not raise the issue of the separatist agenda for the sake of a criminal family," he said and continued to say what an elder told Aksum, "Ethiopia belongs to Tigray and Tigray belongs to Ethiopia."

The Debretsion party, the TPLF, is a champion and champion of Article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution, which granted ethnically established federal regions the right to self-determination and secession.

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