Thursday , May 13 2021

News Breaking: The court expels Derek Boateng's lawsuit against John Paintsil on borrowed cash

The trial of former Ghanaian Derek Boateng against former international teammate John Paintsil over a $ 20,000 borrowed has been dismissed, while the court orders the middle to pay the lawyers' fees and expenses of the defender.

A court in the County rejected Boateng's claims that Paintsil borrowed money at the camp during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, deciding that the claim was superfluous.

The court-run court, Jennifer Akua Tagoe, ruled that Boateng's claims, a former supertstar of AIK in Stockholm, have no advantage.

Boateng required recovery of the amount plus the interest at the rate of the commercial bank from the date on which the defendant received the money until the date of the final payment.

Former star Fulham and Getafe also demanded Paintsil to pay his court fees and costs after the trial that exposed the deep hatred and hostility between the two former friends.

Paintsil insisted that he did not owe the former international middle ages to a dime.

"I have received a summons from the court on this issue and I have discussed the issue with my lawyer to take the necessary legal action," said Kasapa FM Sports.

"All I can say is that I do not owe Derek.

"I do not owe him a dime, but because the matter is now in court, I will speak less and leave it to the judiciary to decide if I owe it or not."

According to the statement, the plaintiff said he is a Ghanaian, a footballer and is doing his international career and resides in London, while defendant John Paintsil is also a footballer and currently resides in Ghana after a successful international career.

The plaintiff said that he (Boateng) and the defendant (Paintsil) were all national players of Ghana Black Stars and were part of the Ghana team who played in the 2010 World Cup held in South Africa.

The plaintiff claimed that while the team was in South Africa, the defendant borrowed $ 20,000 from him (Boateng) and he (Paintsil) promised to pay the money to the camp but later promised to pay when he returned to his club.

The plaintiff further stated that because he was playing for the national team, he did not continue to accuse the accused of his money thinking since he was a friend, the defendant will willingly pay the money.

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