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Kwasi Appiah will not go anywhere anywhere Football

Ghana football buddies whose feelings are linked to the success or failures of the Black Stars must have climbed with mistrust when chief coach Kwasi Appiah said last week that "it will take more than two years to build a solid Black Stars . Even before this announcement, some of us were asking when his so-called team for the future would be revealed.

Having realized that his contract is coming to an end, Kwasi Appiah discovered that it would take more time to build a stable team. What has he done, can he ask, for the two years he has played with the Black Stars, who is now seventh in Africa and 52nd in the world rankings of soccer? Black stars were already a strong brand before Appiah took over and did not need experimenting or redesigning after three consecutive appearances of the Word Cup.

After the loss of Black Stars in Kenya two weeks ago in the AFCON qualifiers, I was impressed with the humor on the other, for some of the reactions I have read. First came the evaluation of one of the coaching assistants for the attitude of some of our players and the fact that some of them will be excluded from the team if they persist with their negative attitude when they are called for a national duty.

Then came what was described as a "hint" by coach Kwasi Appiah that he would recall Asamoah Gyan and Ayew Brothers back to the team. The most ridiculous of all comments was Abdul Razak's "abstaining" to call more local Black Stars players.

I have a few questions before I come to what I think is the problem with our favorite black stars. Since when did the Black Stars managers realize that some players did not give their best?

Secondly, the coach, Kwasi Appiah, finished with his fielding experiment
a different team for each race since its second appearance in Black Stars, an experiment that has led Ghana to throw our award-winning players and give minnows the opportunity to build a team for the future?

Thirdly, for Abdul Razak, the local players he speaks about, the same players who were responsible for the empty stadiums during our local championship games or the players who just pray to move away for Europe or China for 500 Euros the month;

Or is he talking about the same local players who have failed to get our championships out of the Champions League CAF races over the last ten years or more? If you ask me, the black stars problem, at least for now, is the Black Stars Coach.

For beginners, I have to repeat, because I have said it before, that I do not believe
Coach Kwasi Appiah, because I never trusted a coach of the national football team who, in addition to having played in his home country or even for his national team, is not worth playing football at one or more of Europe's top leagues, before proceeding to obtain your professional training license.

My reasons are fourfold. Firstly, I have noticed that the players and coaches who are domesticated do not have the full knowledge and confidence that the game in Europe's super leagues brings to their forefront their character and attitude. Secondly, they are usually not aware of current and modern game play and game shapes.

Thirdly, they tend to be intimidated by the presence of their top players playing in Europe and elsewhere, especially those who are self-confident or have a strong attitude (the Gaganans call it "arrogance") because of their nature, because these top players are naturally exhibiting the coach's weaknesses, either implicitly or explicitly when working with them.

The result of this scenario is the coach's disappointment, a feeling that can lead him to make decisions unreasonable to these players to hide his own weaknesses and this ultimately negatively affects the stability of his team.
And that's when Karim Zito talks.

Regarding this issue of TRAINING of footballers, let us note in our discussions that these
"Boys", as we call them, are adults and professionals on their own. National team administrators and other officials often demand perfection and their results as if they owe our rest to birth at home. It is worth noting that most of these players are educated and cultured by their working parents who see them from infants until they are identified by team investigators and are invited to the camp.

The attitude, the negative attitude, is not formed in a vacuum, starts from somewhere, spreads and gestures until it becomes very visible with bad results. In other places, we often read about players who complain and threaten to ask for transcripts because their coaches do not give them enough time to play in the first team and their directors react positively shortly afterwards.

After the World Cup, some players, such as Paul Pogba, and Anthony Martial, and both Manchester United, bother their manager, breaking the hours out of service and refusing to take part in training coaching programs (Martial stayed away to see his girlfriend having his first baby), everyone has been reinstated in the first game of the group.

Players of some big clubs are known to go to the press with what they think about their regular coach or training style, relationship with the players and so on and nothing is happening to them. Instead, managing these clubs has sometimes taken steps to replace coaches based on players' feelings and attitudes.

For example, in recent years, Chelsea players were obviously responsible for disinfecting José Mourinho in 2016 and Antonio Conte in 2018. Of the current developments in Manchester United, it seems obvious that Mourinho is likely to come out of England for last time at the end of the current season because his players started to complain about his negative tactics and their relationship with them.

When players are not open to their frustrations, they tend to show the best they know who will lose the races to make the bus popular, since the one who will ultimately bear the brunt. It is possible that the most experienced Black Stars players do not like experimental experimental policies of Kwesi Appiah "in tomorrow," and this is what shows in their attitude in the field of play.
This trend is even more realistic in an environment like ours, where young people are reborn with their lifetime not to tell an elderly person that they are wrong, even if they are obviously wrong.

The final reason why I will always be looking for a high-level coach with a recognizable record and playing professional record is that the players themselves, when they know that their play and manager coach is inferior to their own, have not accepting or motivating to do the best since they have compared their manager's credentials, educational pattern, philosophy and model of the game, while in the national camp, with that of their clubs abroad.

Anyone can imagine what will happen to the training if, hypothetically, Marcel Desailly's caliber players, Abedi Pele, Stephen Appiah or Michael Essien were in training pitch, assuming they were coaches.

It is worth noting that Ghana's outstanding performance in the 2006 and 2010 World Cups was held with experienced coaches, Ratomir Djukovic and Milovan Rajivat with two former international players. Meanwhile, Claude Le Roy, under whom we almost won AFCON 2008, was also a former French international. It was Le Roy, who began Dede Ayew's international career in the same tournament, amid protests by some Ghana fans that he was very young, aged 17.

It is also worth noting that the legendary CK Gyamfi, the blessed memory that led Ghana to international glory both as coach and coach of the 1960s, was the one who eventually returned as a coach of the famous Black Stars who won our last Cup Nations in Libya in 1982 (twenty-six years ago). By the way, CK was the first player in Ghana to play in Europe for Fortuna Dusseldorf in Germany.

He made a quick move to Brazil in 2014, with Kwasi Appiah in charge when it was rumored that the player instructed the coach to play Fatau Dauda in place of Adam Kwarasey because the latter was unable to speak Twi. I also believe that all the protests and bad incidents in Ghana's camp during the tournament would not have erupted and would change the way I would go if we had a competent manager who was accepted and respected by his payers, responsible.

This analysis is evidenced by Black Star's failures over the years under the Ghana coaches, by no known football, despite the fact that some of them were offered as the best things ever done in our football, EK Afranie (coach hene), Sam Arday, both blessed memory. The first won the first Ghana World Cup with Starlets in 1992 in Italy and the latter followed our second victory in 1995 in Colombia. It was a very different ball with their time with the Black Stars. Even on the domestic scene, these Ghana coaches, at best, were recycled from one club to another, only to be fired after recording the poor results.

When it comes to genealogy or lack thereof, our current director, Kwasi Appiah, is part of this second class of coaches. Even the language of his body on the court betrays his lack of confidence. The current drop in exceptions and experimentations with untested players is a clear indication that coach Kwasi Appiah is a confused man struggling with a sense of inferiority resulting from his knowledge that his lineage does not match some of his own players . The way he fights this feeling is always looking for an opportunity to claim for himself. Under these circumstances, those who bear the main weight of this band are the most recognizable players, namely Asamoah Gyan and the brothers Ayew, Dede and Jordan.

In such cases, his explanations are ridiculous. When he excluded the two brothers from the final World Cup qualifiers, Coach's explanation was that the Ayew brothers were already households that had secured their Black Stars venues and it was time to try out new players.

Then, by excluding them from the followers, his justification for excluding some of the experienced players was that most European players had been involved in the final stages of their various tournaments and did not want to distract them, but that was a time when the English Premier League was over and the Ayew Brothers were already at home, chilling at East Legon in Accra.

As I said before, in the coach the contempt resulted in a hatred for the joy and confidence of our best players because their presence makes him embarrassed. And that may be one of the reasons why all players like Adam Kwarasey, Geoffrey Schlupp, Baba Rahman and colleagues and his name, Kwasi Appiah (who are actively playing for AFC Wimbledon)

And who may be the reason why the coach avoids further problems by not taking action to reach new, strong players such as Fosu Mensah (Manchester United), Hudson Odoi, Ethan Ampadu (Chelsea) and Nketsia Arsenal) play for the Black Stars.

Finally, it is time for Kwasi to say that being responsible for Black Stars does not give him a free hand to handle the team in any way he feels, and that many Ghana, including me, believe that even if Ghana is appropriate for AFCON 2019,
Obviously due to the soft team we are in, to his desire to deliver AFCON 2019 gold medals, it is unlikely to materialize, judged by the "till tomorrow, tomorrow" agonies in the recent World Cup qualifiers that peaked in our abysmal without direction performance in Nairobi.

Some athletes have described the loss for Kenya as a "shock" loss. It seems that some of us have come to our minds that Ghana is still the team to beat in Africa. This is despite our recent inconsistencies with Coach Appiah and our inability to win a fifth AFCON since 1982 (36 years ago) and also to take part in the last World Cup, rather than a seemingly "soft" group.

I refer to those who think about google the results of the AFCON qualifiers during the week we lost in Kenya. These were some of the really "shock" results published: Liberia 1-1 DR Congo? Lesotho 1-1 Cape Verde? Madagascar 2-2 Senegal. Mauritania 2-0 Burkina Faso, Gambia 1-1 Algeria, Namibia 1-1 Zambia, Comoros 1-1 Cameroon, Libya 1-1 South Africa, were some of what I would call shock scores.

To conclude, I would suggest that when the FIFA Committee's finalization has completed its work and a new GFA has been created, one of the first things to do urgently is to start the process for a new Black Stars bus with a desired pedigree . Otherwise, Black stars will continue to relax wildly in the desert for a long time as Kwasi Appiah remains responsible.
If you ask me Kwasi Appiah is definitely not up to the job and we have to look elsewhere. Time will make me right.

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