"Diablo Immortal" is actually fun, you're the babies


"Diablo Immortal" is the first "Diablo" game on the mobile.

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When Diablo Immortal BlizzCon revealed on Friday, I thought it looked good.

Many people disagreed and began to complain both online and personally from this seemingly mild, bastardizing of their "own" franchise; this is the total abandonment of rational thinking to a company that routinely establishes the best and most successful games there are.

You figure out what, you're crap. I played Diablo Immortal with BlizzCon it soon became apparent, and it is very entertaining.

Let's take a look at the gameplay trailer, which presents some classic bloody Diablo the action against the Gothic world of the Sanctuary, which the fans have overwhelmed and crossed over.

The boss's fighting seems interesting, the levels seem more dynamic than ever and that I feel honest Diablo Immortal aesthetic like me Diablo 3aesthetic.

I got my hands on the demo and blasted on the levels of a barbarian and then I made a wizard again. There was an explosion – controls are simple and very well organized, the action seems classic Diablo, and level design is a great hope for him. And it comes from people who usually do not touch the touch screens.

Some of the beauty of a Diablo the franchise is easy to navigate, and the simple motion system turns very well to the mobile Diablo Immortal.

On the left side of the screen, you can move with a digital analog stick while all your pictures are on the right side of the screen. This is very similar to the game with a console controller. And it feels so intuitive and easy.

The wizard fights a giant demon.

The wizard fights a giant demon.

Picture: snowstorm fun

And yet, without the game being given a shot, ten people quarrel at Blizzard because they are bold new Diablo game, match. Just look at the answers the latest tweets from the Diablo Twitter account.

I'm powerful Diablo fan. There are many who are talking about Mad Online ™ Diablo Immortal even franchise fans.

Grow up.

So why are you crazy about having a new one Diablo game, match?

Because it's on the phone.

People jumped out of the way, the joke was called joke because they thought the game was by nature bad and it would certainly be full of micro-transactions that spoiled the integrity of the series.

People are also crazy about Blizzard not reporting new content Diablo 3 and did not announce it Diablo 4, the latter for which the company has explicitly stated that it will not reveal it.

So I have a thing to tell people who are crazy about Blizzard, using a team that is still the main Diablo franchise, made a new one Diablo play: grow.

Nothing is right. Toy companies will not give you anything. You will not only get it as much as you want, and you will toss the torment when your own dreams do not materialize. Blizzard did not leave the seed Diablo franchise just because it has created a mobile game.

You're upset when Blizzard announces a World of Warcraft Refresh when you hoped to Warcraft 4? No, because you understand that these two things are done by two different teams and that Blizzard is not obliged to make a new real-time strategy Warcraft game, match.

What I saw and played, Diablo Immortal fun, quality Diablo a game that keeps the special thing that makes the franchise so special. You do not have to play, but it sounds like an oral infant on the internet.

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