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ATP Finals: Can anyone overturn Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer?


Eight players expected to fight ATP finals in London (Picture: Getty / Metro)

The ATP finals start in London on Sunday and two players have dominated the debate during the accumulation by the end of the season.

New world number Novak Djokovic and 20-year-old Grand Slammer Roger Federer are among the players who want to fight at O2 in an event called the "Fifth Gentleman."

Djokovic and Federer joined Alexander Zverev, Kevin Anderson, Marin Kilic and Dominique Tim, to qualify for the tournament automatically after finishing the eight top scores.

Kei Nishikori and John Isner, in the meantime, made the cut after the injury Rafael Nadal and Juan Martin del Potro were forced to withdraw.

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Djokovic, who has won the last two Grand Slams, is the favorite to win the tournament. That would see Serbs celebrating their sixth victory in the ATP final.

Federer, considered one of the best players in history, will decide to deny his opponent another triumph, however, and finish a mixed season at high.

But is it just a two-horse race? Here, we are looking at players who are hoping to create a turmoil in London.

Guga Kuerten Group


German has a great future ahead of him (Picture: Getty)


Age: 21

Nationality: German

Ranking: 5

Career titles: 9

The best result of the Grand Slam: French Open, QF

Final ATP recording: 1-2


As one of the most popular new players in the world, Zverev is no stranger to the hype.

The 21-year-old has been described as a future winner of the Grand Slam for the past two years and is quickly coming up with Nishikori and Thiem for the number of career titles he has won.

Maybe it's time for German to announce correctly on a big stage. Taking into account his ability and form at the ATP Tour events, he is surprised to have reached only the semifinals of a Major one time in French.

The moment in Slam will undoubtedly come, but Zevveh can make a statement in London this week, against the elite of the sport.

Having reached the semifinals in Shanghai and Basel just last month, Chevrev then reached the quarter-finals of the Masters of Paris, where he lost to potential champion Karen Hatsanov.

In his face, Zverev fans need to feel optimistic for a promising run at O2, but his chances may be based on the severity of a shoulder injury that has been nursed for several weeks.


Former US Open and Wimbledon finalists are risky (Picture: Getty)


Age: 30

Nationality: Croatian

Ranking: 7

Career titles: 18

The best result of Grand Slam: US Open, W

Final ATP recording: 1-8


At the age of 30, Cilic has seen and did it all. In addition to Federer and Djokovic, he is the most experienced, respected and accomplished player in the series.

And yet Cilic and the final ATP are a combination that rarely produces success.

In three appearances in the tournament ending in seasons, the Croatian giant managed to win only one of his nine fights, defeating Andy Murray, Tomas Berdych and Jack Sock. Will this be a factor this week? Maybe.

But a more reasonable concern is the general form of Cilic. Since reaching the quarter-finals in Flushing Meadows, he suffered a difficult period, losing five of his eight fights.

He takes a round from Djokovic in Paris, but this only seemed to awaken the Serbian big, who won the race in a nice style.

The tie seems to have at least reached Cilic's favor and will turn himself to defeat the infinite Zverev – especially if he prevents the injury – and the dangerous but erroneous Isner.


America has the best service in the field (Picture: Getty)


Age: 33

Nationality: American

Ranking: 10

Career titles: 14

The best result of Grand Slam: Wimbledon, SF

Result of the final ATP: 0-0


While the withdrawal of Rafael Nadal was a major blow to the tournament and the Spaniard himself opened at least Isner's door.

The big American employee resigned from his failure in the tournament despite the impressive season, but dived in after Nadal confirmed that he needed an ankle surgery.

Known for his mammoth, who gave nearly 11,000 aces, Isner has shown he has more to play this season on wonderful Wimbledon and US Open.

During his entire career, Isner has earned 92% of his services and will expect his service to be deadly in the interior.

The 33-year-old will of course be extremely difficult to break and certainly could pull some amazing tie-breaks.

Isner's problem is that he generally finds himself outdated when he meets the compatriots with top players and some of the best players who will return to the game will stand on the other side of the London stadium.

Lleyton Hewitt Group


Federer's victory at Wimbledon was not loose (Picture: Getty)


Age: 32

Nationality: South Africa

Ranking: 6

Career titles: 5

The best result of Grand Slam: Wimbledon & US Open, F

Result of the final ATP: 0-0


No player in this year's series has earned fewer titles in his career than Anderson, but that does not mean that South Africa should be reduced.

In fact, there is plenty of evidence that Anderson could move to the knockout stages.

The latest bloomer from Johannesburg has been good for the past 18 months, reaching two Grand Slam finals and making unforgettable victories over Federer and Andy Murray.

Federer's victory in this year's Wimbledon was particularly impressive, with Anderson winning the fight point before making an impressive and ultimately successful comeback.

Djokovic defeated him in a very unilateral final, but that was more or less expected after his semi-final meeting with Isner.

Anderson has one of the best servings in the sport, but has proven he has the overall game to trouble anyone.


It would be a different story if it was in clay … (Picture: Getty)


Age: 25

Nationality: Austrian

Ranking: 8

Career titles: 11

The best result of Grand Slam: French Open, F

Final ATP recording: 2-4


Often described as a special clay-pitch, Thiem is determined to show that it is more than a pony with a trick.

Having reached the back of the semi-finals at the French Open, Thiem went better this year, finishing as runners-up as Rafael Nadal won his 11th title on the pitch.

Despite having been nominated as a future Grand Slam champion, the 25-year-old is generally disappointed by tough, in-house courts.

But perhaps the latest results show that Thiem will eventually fulfill his real potential and will announce himself as a great player.

The Flushing Meadows was not a happy hunting ground for the Austrian but was enjoying a promising course in the quarter-finals this year.

A Nadal shock win seems to be on paper after Thiem took the opening set 6-0, but the then number of the world one rallied to win in five sets.

Still, Thiem's ​​show in New York – and his subsequent victory in St. Petersburg – show he is ready to pick up his game outside his favorite clay era.


The Japanese star has suffered a mixed bout (Picture: Getty)


Age: 28

Nationality: Japanese

Ranking: 9

Career titles: 11

The best result of Grand Slam: US Open, F

Final ATP recording: 4-7


In the field of qualitative but rather infinite stars, Nishikori surprisingly represents the player with the most experience in the ATP Finals, having played in three tournaments and reached the semifinals in his latest appearance in 2016.

Although he only participated in the event due to the withdrawal of Juan Martin del Potro, the Japanese feeling is undoubtedly the favorite to move from this group along with Federer.

Qualifying for the tournament is impressive in itself, as the former US Open finalist was going on a catastrophic start of the year as he lost him from a Challenger match in the first round of world number 238 Dennis Novikov.

Nishikori was infected with injury problems at the beginning of the year, but he made Wimbledon quarter-finals and defeated Marin Cilic on his way to a semi-final of the US Open.

He is generally out of the game by the top players, but the defeats at Federer in Paris and Shanghai have recently shown that they are in a position to compete with the best.

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