Thursday , January 28 2021

Using the new WhatsApp feature on Android and iPhone will erase your messages

Facebook officially announced the WhatsApp Hidden Messaging feature, which is linked to it earlier this month, as it allows all users of the messaging service to automatically delete messages after a specified period of time.

The new WhatsApp feature, which will be used on Android and iPhone, will cause your messages to be hidden

The “gadgets 360” site can now be used by WhatsApp to send hidden messages and disappear from the app, which is seven days after it was sent in individual chats, and is also for all group administrators and activation or turn them off in group chat.

And all new messages will expire after one week, until the user opens the WhatsApp application within the seven-day period and the self-destruct messages will remain and appear in notifications until the WhatsApp application opens and the possibility of messages disappearing is also available to all WhatsApp versions users on Android iOS devices.

The first step is to open the chat for WhatsApp, with which you want to enable the possibility of hidden messages for it.

Click the chat name to display the contact information.

Scroll down to find hidden messages.

The feature is the one that comes and goes by default and you click on the feature at the top of the new page to select the activation option.

You will need to enable this feature separately for all conversations, and once you do, the messages will be automatically deleted after 7 days.

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