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Samir Sabri jokes with Majid al-Kadwani on how the film "is looking for a scandal"

Samir Sambri jokes about "looking for a scandal" Harris mentioned in the art published by Samir Samri jokes Majid Al-Kadwani on the path of "Search for a scandal", Samir Samri jokes Majid Al-Kadwani By way of of "Scandal Search," New News Today through our Map and start with the most important news, Samir Sabri jokes with Majid Alkadwani in the way "the movie is looking for a scandal."

In his speech on the opening of the Cairo International Film Festival at its 40th meeting, artist Samir Sabri said the first session of the festival did not receive any final support. His sponsors were Abdel Halim Hafez, Warda and Najwa Fouad and Said that I am alive to watch the 40th meeting of the festival, directed by Mohamed Hafsi, and described him as a "movie lover."

"I have been honored to present many of the previous sessions of the Cairo Film Festival and because I admire the talent and roles of Majid Al-Kadwani, I urge him to present the opening ceremony."

The artist Majid Al-Kadwani appeared bold during the opening ceremony, describing the situation as "grandiose", so he asked a question to Samir Sabri about how to submit past sessions in the past smoothly and without fear? To answer that the secret is to love what you do and to do what you love and to be honest with the audience and to say only what you feel inside.

And Mazez Samir Shabri Artist Majid Al-Kadwani with his comic in "The Scandal Search" with Adel Imam and gives him some tips when presenting the opening ceremony, saying: "You have to be strong and do not end or Ttarkk so that it will not happen to you what happened to Ashraf Abbas. What led to the surprise of Alkdwani and asked him about the identity of the person who told him to answer and mock "one of my friends Matarfahosh," which triggered laughter of the audience at the ceremony.

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