Monday , September 20 2021

Pope Tawadros visits the sanctuary of the late Bishop Bishoy Kamel

The Pope of Alexandria, the Patriarch of Catholic preaching, visited the sanctuary of the late bishop Bishoy Kamel, founder of the service, at St. George's Church in Pasportig, Alexandria, containing his body and many historical pictures of Abune Bishoy Kamel. Church to his generation.

His Holiness Pope Tudruz had already decorated the body of Bishoy Kamel.

Bishoy Kamel is the first priest to serve in America, he is the founder of seven churches in Alexandria, the church of St. George, the church of St. George. Takla in Abrahamia, Aghios Georgios Church in Alhadra, Aghios Michail Church in Mustafa Kamel, St. Mark's Church and St. Peter's Church, Anba Antonios Church Alba Church and Virgin Mary Church in Cleopatra.

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