Monia's story is Iraqi after her arrest in the Azbekiya section until her release


The prosecutor's office in North Cairo, under the supervision of counselor Hatem Fadhel, the first prosecutor general prosecutor, ordered the release of Mona Iraqi and 6 of its program preparation team, Freij, and Mahmoud M Assistant Production Director of Photography, and Qalid Q. "Prepared" to secure their residence in an exchange of charges between her and another woman for kidnapping a child.

The prosecution has decided to hold the accused Safia A. "Cook" for 4 days during the investigations conducted with her to blame for trafficking in human beings.

He said he was on a healing trip outside of Egypt and returned a few days ago. Although she was in a state of sickness, her national feeling paid her for this incident in order to gather the data of the accused and hand it over to the police after she filed a complaint against her. He ensured that the children sold them.

She said she and her team had received a phone call from a man called Nashat who said a woman named Safieh was a cook who offered to adopt a child for his sterile brother for a sum of money. .

The media said she accompanied her team and dragged the accused Safia, since two of her staff contacted her claiming to be wealthy Saudi Arabs want to buy a child for 2 million pounds.

An Iraqi woman confirmed that what she and her team did was motivated by patriotism and revealed the child abduction network, saying: "I was aware of the evidence collection and a senior document of the security services accused.

The accused refused to sell the child, confirmed that he had received a telephone call from one of the program's employees and attempted to entice her with money to buy the child, and when the interviewer program staff tried to keep her in a car and photograph it without her answer.

Surveys revealed that the difference between the two brothers for the heritage is the basis of the incident, since one of them learned that Akeem's sister would adopt a child, immediately informed the media that an Iraqi sister would buy a child from one of the women and not to build, In contact with the woman and tried to convince her that she is a couple who transfers one of the Arabic nationalities and that they want to adopt the child in any way and in return for any amount of money required.

Surveys added that the media were Iraqis who briefed the police after agreeing with cook Ali to meet her to buy the baby.

The Al-Azbekiya police station received a message from Mona Iraqi, which said she was injured by one of the women to mediate kidnapping, and said the media and its staff tried to attract her financial amount to kidnap and deliver children.


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