Tuesday , October 19 2021

Health: Increasing muscular dystrophy treatment centers to facilitate children’s access to treatment


The Ministry of Health and Population has confirmed the expansion of treatment centers for patients with muscular dystrophy in the Republic, in order to make possible and facilitate the treatment of children.

Dr. Khaled Mujahid, Assistant Minister of Health and Population for Information and Awareness and official spokesman for the Ministry, stated the readiness of the Muscular Dystrophy Treatment Center at the Nasser Institute Hospital as a comprehensive system of inpatient and inpatient clinics. injection.

Mujahid added that the minister was directing the expansion of treatment and monitoring centers for muscular dystrophy at the Republican level to facilitate opportunities for children to receive treatment in Upper and Lower Egypt, as 15 to 20 centers are available at the Ministry of Health and Higher Education. a fair geographical distribution that will cover all areas of the Republic, including Two centers at Mansoura University and Assiut University, which are affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education.

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