Friday , January 22 2021

Former Governor of Monufia is accused of bribery

Former indictee Hisham Abdel Basset, former governor of Menoufia,
By defending himself before the Criminal Court in Giza, accusing him of bribes, he did not know
Nothing about the bribery case, saying: "Thanks to Allah, my whole story is honest and there is no violation
One ".

The accused pointed out during his speech: "Sadat was founded since then
Several years have been abandoned since 1996 without use and have been offered to the Cabinet in order to establish them
Union for sovereigns ", completed:" sent to General Intelligence and Military Production and proceeded
War production was measured for the first time on February 28 and was given to information services on February 26,
I was accused of bribery in February, and there was no agreement on who would receive the work. "

"The head of the information branch came to me and said he would take over
The processing of the complex technically and the processing will not be at the expense of the province, and after the completion of the project was honored
Me and Assem the second accused because of this prime minister's cluster, "he said
The existence of a provincial committee has dealt with the identification and I do not see it and it is not presented as a test
Clean technical.

The governor of Monofiya, a former governor, came to the conclusion that there was a call between me and
Assem, the second defendant, confirms his work with the General Intelligence Service, which reads: "No device
The intelligence that you have not sold for military uniforms because people know your work "
"How can I be ashamed?" He asked.

The accused confirmed in court: "Though
That the second accused and the third accused me of bribery, but I am relieved of the matter by bribing Assem
What is he doing; "he asked," Why did Arif Asim not work like that? "

Advocate General Nabil Ahmed Sadiq was earlier, he can
He called for the transfer of the former governor and other accused persons to criminal prosecution in the end
The investigations carried out by the Supreme State Security Prosecutor under the supervision of counsel Khalid Zia, lawyer
The first year of persecution.

The prosecutor's office accused the governor of bribing money
Financing the 27 million and 450 thousand owners of a contracting company, on the other, in return for the award of works
Certain projects implemented by the government institute and facilitated the receipt of projects and the speed of disbursement of extracts
Financial obligations.

Investigations and recordings of telephone conversations and meetings were conducted
Image and authorization.

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