Thursday , May 13 2021

FilGoal | News The Al-Ahli bus will be hit by stones on the way to Radis .. And the injury Hisham Mohammed

Al-Ahly was hit by rock at the Ranges stadium for the Champions League final. learned through its journalists that the bus coach, journalist buses and the public stoned from crowds surrounding the buses. reported injury to midfielder Hisham Mohamed, who will not play in the match because of his injuries.

Mohamed was on a small bus with the team's blessings behind the Al-Ahly bus, which had rock stones, but none of the players were injured, according to reporters.

Al Ahly won 3-1 in the Burj Al Arab and does not need to lose two goals without Leopot winning the chance to win the ninth African Champions League.

Al Ahly must avoid a two-goal loss if he does not score in the Ranges, in order to house the ninth title in the history of the Red Castle.

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