Details of the eradication of terrorist cells will be published in the Church of St. Michael in Menia. Photos


The National Security Service has found the concentration of dangerous terrorist elements involved in the execution of hostile operations successful, the most recent of which was the attack of citizens from the Anba Samuel Minya monastery.

This was the continuation of terrorist elements involved in hostile operations, the latest as an armed attack targeting certain citizens when they came back from the bride, Mount Qalamoun, Adwa, Menia, Sohag and Minya's homeland.

Following the incident, involving the relevant sectors of the ministry, tracking information and escorting perpetrators, and tracking the use of modern technical tools, and combing the frequency and concentration of suspicious elements, particularly in remote areas and research sites based on the disappearance of these elements as places of refuge plan design and start implementing plans is hostility.

The information provided by the national security sector focuses on the group of terrorist elements on security persecutions and cellular elements found in mountainous areas in the western Desert Desert of Minya and keeping away from security observation.

While the area was attacked, and when the siege of the area ended, terrorist elements opened fire to the forces, forcing them to deal with the fire, and after the fighting fought, 19 "terrorist elements" were killed "identified" .

The investigation showed that the defendants belonged to the terrorist call organization, where flags of the organization and intellectual and organizational papers were found with 4 automatic rifles and another FN and 3 cartridges and 4 bottles.

They have taken the necessary legal measures and are being investigated by the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office.


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