Wednesday , April 14 2021

A video clip from “NASA” causes fame, since it was widely released

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In conjunction with the arrival of the US space agency NASA spacecraft on Mars, users of social media platforms and the media released a clip that they say was from the capture of the US spacecraft “Perseverance”.

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The video clip shows a view of the planet’s surface, which looked rocky and arid, as the detector camera captured scenes of a mountain range rotating in almost all directions. But these scenes do not return to the “Perseverance” flight that arrived on the Red Planet a few days ago.

The scenes in circulation look completely different from those sent by “Perseverance” after his arrival, and an investigation found that the scrolling clip is watched for a video released about a year ago, which comes from the capture of “Research of curiosity that reached Mars in 2012.

The scene was posted to a NASA account on the YouTube video platform in March 2020.

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