Sunday , May 16 2021

A trader with 5 tons of rice was caught from the lake

A campaign launched by the Lake Security Directorate, in cooperation with the Procurement Directorate, seized a grain trader in the village of Saknideh in Damanhour, And save 5 tons of rice Take advantage of price differences and make illegal profits.

General Jamal al Rasidi, Assistant Minister of the Interior, took the safety of the lake, Notice From the Colonel Wajdi Ashraf al-Serafi, Procurement Research Director, reports that Ashraf A., a 51-year-old grain trader and owner of the Saknida village grain store in Damanhour area, was arrested for holding and storing quantities of rice in his store and for blocking it from Buy To restart Sell ​​them on the black market or export them some other time, taking advantage of the price difference by making non profit profits Legitimate With 5 tons of barley rice.

Reservation Turn on Epileptic seizures and released case reports, And Gary Presentation to the Prosecutor's Office for research.

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