Saturday , October 16 2021

3 years of imprisonment for a police officer and 6 months for a police officer in the murder of Afrotto

The court condemned the criminal court in southern Cairo, which was held at the Abdeen Courts Complex, in a three-year imprisonment for a beating that resulted in death and 200 kg of fine, six months imprisonment for the police secretary, and referral of the civil case to the competent civil court. .

The meeting was chaired by Jaafar Najmuddin, and Samir Abu Dawh and Ahmed Al-Ghandour as well as secret secretaries Mohammed Khamis and Sayed Najah.

Afaroto's people attended the meeting and the people of "Afroto" T-shirts printed on the victim's picture, but the security services forbided entry to the court and stayed abroad.

The investigations revealed that on 5 January an officer and a police officer in the Mokattam area arrested Mohammed Abdel Hakim "Afrotto" in cases where laws and regulations allow the arrest of those suspected of arresting and arresting him without legal procedural support. they tortured him naturally, hit him and slapped his hands The last of his breath.

The forensic report attributes the death of the victim to a head-to-head bleeding of the seventh left-hand side in the anterior axial line, a left-hand severed, left-sided left-sided cut, severe spleen contractions and haemorrhagic haemorrhage.

On January 15th, the prosecutor's office referred the accused to the criminal court on charges of beating that led to the death and illegal detention of the victim.

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