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Weekly horoscope: Sagittarius and Capricorn already have money

It will rigorously evaluate the past and begin the search for the “best way” so that in the future we do not return to the necessary but restrictive isolation and be able to live normally again. But other planets will complicate it with pointless demands. The ruler of the new moon, Saturn, will face the aggression of Mars (square), as he will feel that Saturn is holding him back and restraining him, but will only encourage him to take more responsibility. From Mars to Taurus to his own blind stubbornness understands, explodes many times. As if torn from the chain, Jupiter will also be with Uranus (square), as they will want to change everything with “now” style and endanger people and society as a whole. Hermes will also participate, saying that everyone should catch up.

Fortunately, the Sun and Luna will not be alone. They will be strengthened by the powerful ruler of the underworld Pluto, who can go very deep and is in the sign master of manipulation in the struggle for power. It will allow the insurgents to see everything from a different angle, clearly showing them the possible outcome of their dangerous plans that would lead to great losses and even greater chaos, not prosperity. The general tension will also facilitate Capricorn Venus, forcing Mars and Uranus to remain “down to earth” and think logically. After stormy and emotionally tense discussions, the process of healing and renewal finally begins.

Aries (March 21-April 20)

The New Moon will give you huge ambitions and you will create an opportunity to advance in your career, pave the way for a professional goal. But your horoscope also advises you to look for another way to make money. If you have a land or property that is on fallow, rent it, you will receive another normal income. If you run a business, start using the Internet a lot more to offer your products or services and if you do not yet have an online store or website, try to thank us for it soon.

Bull (April 21-May 21)

Everything related to education, travel and personal development is progressing. You will start to have a completely different perspective on politics or religion, it will just change the philosophy of your life. They will lean towards the people you know will promote you, both in terms of information and the field in which you live. When conversations think about not talking about anything, you disappear immediately. With the contribution of a static Uranus to its signal you will be freed from what caused stagnation in your life and robs you of time and energy.

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The stars seem to open your eyes. So, after mature thinking, you will get rid of the things that are holding you back and focus on what will really enrich you.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

Because there are still people hiding who could turn you around for money Be careful with online transactions. You will receive financing from external sources, which may be related to, for example, the sale of real estate or dividends, so be careful not to lose them immediately. If you have to travel longer distances due to the meeting, try to make an appointment for next week, otherwise you will probably experience what physical elements can do. If you can not cancel the trip, you know that you will be so mentally well that you can endure anything with icy calm.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

If you doubt the meaning of a partnership on a personal or professional level, you will often be convinced that two is better. Participants will experience their second honeymoon in some way, the self-employed will start the best job of the year “in combination” and if you are single, initially a platonic relationship will take time but surely flows in love like a ray. If you go for a stamp or confirmation, you will be angry, because the officials will be involved in regulations and provisions, but in the end you will get what you need.

Lev (23. 7. – 22. 8.)

At work, do not hesitate to raise your personal standards. You will be endowed with tremendous energy, so you will be able to handle more tasks than usual, and in addition, your horoscope will create an opportunity to get a better position. You will be lucky even if you are looking for a job, you just should not be intimidated by an offer that goes beyond what you know and what you are good at. You will soon live with a new profession. As you will be full of strong will, end bad habitswhich can one day badly affect your health, especially with smoking.

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With the help of space constellations, you will discover, you will probably use perspective possibilities immediately. Just do not be afraid of professional change

Panna (23. 8. – 22. 9.)

The new moon will awaken your sleep talents and you will verify that you are as good as before, something that will really increase your self-confidence. If you have had to cancel a trip abroad in the past, interrupt your studies or postpone the final exam indefinitely, you will have the opportunity to correct it. If you are being treated and you have already started throwing a shotgun at rye, you have stopped believing in justice, you will be pleasantly surprised by an unexpected twist, because new information will appear and the case will suddenly favor you.

Scales (September 23 – October 23)

If there are traditions that you have inherited from your ancestors, you should at least pass them on symbolically to the next generation. Likewise, if you know the happy stories about your family, tell them to your descendants so that they are not forgotten over time. But the stagnant Heaven advises you to do something behind you you will leave a “trace” for future generations. It would be ideal if you buy a piece of greenery in the middle of nature, gemstones or gold, because these products increase in price every year.

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

You will receive information that reveals facts that your neighbors or relatives have secretly deliberately intended to deprive you of the opportunity to defend yourself. You will have the opportunity to express yourself and pay your bills at the end of the month, so do not worry, but really prepare for it. Arguments supported by their contracts prevent them from understanding what belongs to you. If you stay in an unsatisfactory personal, friendly or business partnership for a long time, in the second half of the week you will you will be freed from an unsatisfactory relationship.

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Sometimes a relationship has a dead end, and that’s part of life. It is honest and liberating to admit that the only way out is to break up …

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

If you still have deep in your wallet, rejoice, because you will have the opportunity to change it and stabilize your income. If you are looking for a job in vain for a moment, you will finally come across something you like, it is still possible for your former employer to contact you and offer you the original job. If you are considering a change of profession, you will also be lucky, but you will probably need to retrain. New knowledge and skills will guarantee employees a long-term income and entrepreneurs a normal profit, so we will certainly not waste time.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Somehow, you have to restart all areas of life, including mental and physical condition. Once again, you will remember how much potential, inner strength and resilience the judges gave you in a wreath. The great thing is that the new moons are designed for the fantastic planting of seeds from which the crop is harvested six months later, and this week they will attack you directly from opportunities that will bring you only positives. So do not be afraid of radical changes, it is impossible to leave.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 20)

Once a year you have the opportunity get rid of any “karmic burden”which will happen this week. Especially if for objective reasons you do not have a good relationship with your father or another authorized member of the family or if you do not remember him well, forgive him, you will be incredibly relieved. If you are thinking of modernizing your home, get acquainted with the news on the weekend. With the help of Uranus in Taurus, you will choose the most comfortable and high quality that the current market offers.

Pisces (21. 2. – 20. 3.)

If you have ever been in a group of people with similar interests, opinions or hobbies, this is it also applies to social networks, it will change. They will find that they have adopted a negative attitude towards you under the influence of false information, and the one who intentionally targeted you will fall behind the wheel. Perhaps, based on an unfortunate experience at the end of last year, you can buy, for example, a photo trap or a smoke detector. However, you should insure an apartment or a weekend cottage in any case, because due to the orbit of some planets, there is a risk of being robbed in the future.

Confirmations for this week: I know exactly what I want to achieve and I have the courage to do it…

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