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The legendary Niva gets the right engine and requiem for it


For a few days now, the news has been circulating on the Internet that the Lada Niva Legend will receive a modern four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.8 liters, with which it will proceed to the production of small series. The power unit that originally worked on the Vesta and Xray models will be set at 122 hp, with 177 Nm of power and its implementation in Niva will be undertaken by the Super -Avto – subsidiary of AvtoVAZ. And you know what? It’s all true.


The 1.8-liter engine from Vesta and Xray was also powered by the Niva

The first prototype is already working, so we know that the new engine had to be stored longitudinally by the modifiers and added several modifications, such as another clutch or flywheel. In addition, the crankshaft and lubrication system had to be modified and a stack of pipes, cables or small electronics had to be added.

It is also known that the “coordinators” 18-year-olds eat oil, however, the boys from Super-Avto have reduced it 5-6 times by installing improved piston rings and valve seals.


Blue cheese with a thicker eighteen should be quieter inside

But that’s not the end, except for a more powerful engine, the car got a whole new exhaust, a bigger cooler cooler with quieter fans than the Chevrolet Niva, its own control software, front axle modification, rear stabilizer and redesigned gears, including a new lever. The Niva reserve is usually stored under the hood, however, due to the larger 1.8-liter larger four-cylinder, it did not fit here and had to be moved to the rear of the car.

The developers claim that the Niva Legend SuperA 1.8 has the same torque at 1,000 rpm. with the initial 17,000 (83 hp) at top speed. Also, the acceleration from zero to one hundred has been reduced from the initial 17 seconds to 12 in 13 seconds.


Accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 13 seconds is not generally a success, but for Niva conditions it is a decent result.

The gearbox remains original at the moment, it is said that the higher torque can withstand it. The question also arose about the possible installation of a powerful engine in the technically relevant Niva Travel, however, this is said to be impossible, due to the weight and the relative excessive load on the gearbox. Traveling will probably remain a pleasant laziness forever.

Next year (it will not be this year), the vehicle will have to start production, in a small range of a total of 150 to 300 pieces. So it will be a limit that can probably be bought in the Czech Republic, and we know how much this unique one will cost. Well, keep your hats on …


View of the traditional 1.7 liter Niva engine

According to the current exchange rate of the Russian ruble and the Czech koruna, including imports, customs duties, taxes and necessary amendments to the latest Euro 6 emission standard, we reach CZK 600,000, including VAT. And this is an increase of over 200,000 CZK compared to the classic level sold in our country.

AvtoVAZ is currently facing a shortage of components, has no Bosch ABS spare parts, and markets, including ours, are relatively hungry for inadequate floodplains. But this does not seem to be the worst news.


Although there is still interest in Niva, there is a real risk of their death

Information is beginning to leak that in 2023 the production of the legendary Niva will be definitively terminated, something that is supported by the expiration of the original Russian Global Confession (OTTS). It can certainly be expanded, which costs a little time (sometimes more than a year) and money, but the question remains whether the Russians will do it at all, when at that time the second generation Niva was built on the platform (CMF-B) most likely will knock on the door. shared with Dacia and Renault, respectively.

Technical comparison
Model Lada Niva Legend SuperA 1.8 Legend of Lada Niva
Motor VAZ-21179 (1.8L) VAZ-21214 (1.7 l)
Number of valves 16 8
Implementation 122 horses 83 horses
Torque 177 Nm 129 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km / h 12-13 s 17 s
price from 595 000 CZK from 375,000 CZK

So it did not work out and we asked our well-informed Russian sources. So far, they have no information about any significant progress in the development of the second Niva, which is not surprising at all. AvtoVAZ implements its innovations relatively late, so the announcement of this or that date is usually only indicative.

Photo: Lada

This is the idea of ​​the new Niva, based on the CMF-B platform

We do not believe that Lada would voluntarily cut its still well-sold model, which Europeans, overwhelmed by modern interest, are relatively keenly interested in. And most importantly, they are buying it – this year alone (8/2021), according to statistics from the Automobile Importers Association, at least 88 new icebergs have hit the Czech Republic (most were Nivy) and not counting Bronto and VIS derivatives, which are registered under a separate factory name ..

However, the last word in Lada has the majority of the owner – Renault – and when he calls it, the legendary square ground will disappear from the market before you take a look. But what, the Niva will be different, new, anyway… But will it be as chic as a classic?

If I chose the Lada Niva Legend, would I get married?

Limited classic with a 1.8 liter engine

New modern on a platform shared with Dacia / Renault

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