Friday , March 5 2021

The Czechs took the last twentieth place in the League of Nations

Czech players were ranked 20th in the Premier League of UEFA Nations. They have improved by three positions compared to the initial growth – they went to the 23rd place in the UEFA, which now replaces the League of Nations.

The teams in second place in the second tournaments were better Austria, Russia and Wales. The 1-0 victory on Monday in Slovakia, but the Czechs went down and fell from the top twenty finals, defending the second basket for the European Championship draw to be held on December 2 in Dublin.

The top divisions will be the winners of the first league, England, Holland, Portugal and Switzerland. They are waiting for the last four in June, so they will automatically be placed in teams A, B, C, D with only five players and the finalists will have to wait eight qualifying matches for the Final Four.

In the first basket, the six best teams in the first league will remain in the remaining six of the ten selected teams.

The next ten best units, including the Czech Republic, go to the second basket and so on until the sixth basket, which has five worst of the 55 participants of the League of Nations, namely San Marino, Malta, Andorra, Liechtenstein and Latvia. They will be placed in the Qualifying Teams F, G, H, I, J with a total of six participants.

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