Monday , January 25 2021

The child from Jenštejn may not have been bitten by a snake

One of the well-known herpetologists Antonín Hnízdil leans towards the version that a child could have been injured in other ways. This is also admitted by the police, who asked the child in the presence of his parents on Tuesday.

“Even this interrogation did not bring any new information and we still do not know how the child was injured,” police spokeswoman Barbora Snaeves told Práva, adding that even the little girl did not confirm seeing a snake.

Rattlesnakes can not be ignored

“Anti-venom serum is usually not given unless it is clear what the snake is or at least the genus of the snake. The whole thing seems very strange to me, I and many of my colleagues tend to the fact that there was no snake there,” he said. Prnva, a long-time Hnízdil snake breeder.

“I do not even know where the rumor of a snake bite came from, probably so the doctor judged it. But I would mainly like to reassure the locals, so I offered the village to look for the surrounding houses. About four people from the neighborhood wrote. “I want the rumors to spread,” Hnízdil added.

He does not expect to find a venomous snake, especially the two-meter rattlesnake that spoke to some other reptiles nearby.

“I doubt it will crawl somewhere at this time. In the autumn, when the weather changes and the snake would have warmed up a little, still, but hardly now. It does not even seem to me that someone, an illegal breeder, managed to collect it secretly. “I’m a big rattlesnake and it ‘s almost impossible for such a big child not to notice it,” said the breeder.

Weekend search for a snake in Jenštejn

Video: Pavel Jaňurek, News

Following the incident and the unsuccessful search, the village administration called on the breeder to announce anonymously, for example, which snake could have been lost. “No one has called yet,” said Martin Sindlak, deputy mayor of Jaden in Prava, who knows about five snake breeders in the village.
In addition to interrogations, police also have a sample of the girl’s blood and a pierced shoe, which allegedly bit the alleged snake, which would have been realistic in the case of the rattlesnake, according to Hnízdil. The results of Tuesday’s inquiry were not yet available.

The analysis will show

“No one has confirmed the presence of the snake yet. We have a blood sample and a shoe available, but the analysis is for a longer period of time and we do not yet have the results on whether or not there is venom. So far, we have relied on a photo of the injury and “At the moment, we are finding out the origin of the injury,” said a police spokesman.

Only the laboratory analysis should clearly state if there is a snake in the whole case or if the child was not injured, for example, by the net in the fence.

According to the herpetologist, traces of venom should be found if there is a snake behind the wound. “Sometimes it happens that a snake makes the so-called dry warning bite when it does not feel so threatening, but I would say that in such a place it would feel threatened and will definitely bite,” added the snake breeder, leaning towards the version that the child was injured by fence, nails or other sharp object.

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