Saturday , February 27 2021

The C2H Group won half a share in F & P Consulting

"We are planning to accelerate our own development of electronic tools and to work for internal processes and support so that the consultant makes the most of his work and is at least burdened with growing bureaucracy and regulatory obligations," said F & P Consulting Kamila Paličková.

With the arrival of a new owner, F & P Consulting wants to focus on staff development and consultancy in new areas. The second sector will focus on investment mediation, where the company sees the market potential. "We are planning to build a strong and competitive financial advisory network focusing on investment products," said Mike.

F & P Consulting provides its clients with life insurance and life insurance, mortgage loans and building savings. The company's network consists of 500 consultants throughout the Czech Republic. After the transaction, Paličková will have 25% and 25% Ota Janda.

The main idea of ​​C2H is to invest in companies that offer an interesting opportunity and opportunities to take advantage of the multiple of the invested capital. Over the past two years, it has invested tens of millions of euros in the Czech Republic, now looking for opportunities in the CEE region. The group's companies hold shares in Pietro Filipi, Kara, Favorit, Liftago, Papíromat, Flatio, Expando, ShopSys and Apifier.

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