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Slowly cures: Anna Kadefavkova successfully struggling with a serious illness, after a few months dropped the antibiotics

November 15, 2018 6:00

For the treatment, she decided to end this year's Christmas fairy tale of Czech TV Magician Žito, where she played Princess. "When I was done, I went to the clinic." During the shooting, I spooked my teeth and went, "said Kadeřávková, for which the role of the princess was a great dream and so she did not refuse the offer despite the complications health.

Anicka had to take antibiotics, which had to start taking again after the first eight weeks. Right now it's very good. "In the clinic to Germany, I travel only once and with blood sent away, I do not take antibiotics and I am purely natural," said Anička, who returned in the endless road show for two and a half years.

Although many people believed that the return was linked to the fact that she had finally begun to make her health, Anicka put it in order. "I've signed Street Street since January, that I was sick, I learned sometime in March, so it does not fit in. The download is very demanding, I do a lot, my story line has many days now but it can handle it. everything goes, "said Kadeřávková, who received the bid for a return twice.

"I was thinking about coming back, but it was more of a breeze, I did not want anything, because I left by mutual agreement." When my phone rang and asked me if I wanted to go back, so I said no, and when they called me for the second time, I talked to him director and together we came back for a while, "Anicka said.

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