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REVIEW: Mt vechno nesta, in Berlusconi. Sell, time and clown

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Stay in the water with an exciting sheep of the screen, so the hunter kicks Boe, that's the fuck, it's only Sorrentino! And repeat to go many times, tebae snmek Do not go as much as reisrova jin dla? the other two versions.

Pesto gives a lot of thought to the enjoyment of poetry, especially since, as Berlusconi speaks, he comes to the stage. What bohuel trv.

After the first fifteen minutes, a fresh, fresh life in the area, cocktail parties, striptease, cocaine and sex bills, friendly provinces and municipalities linked to the vision as they pass to the center.

The image of the evolving character appears, but many times it seems and abound in the decadent collection of cynical tpk, torn thorns and tall dt shows that it is only capable for me but in the same way as myself, if not the mountains, and vice versa, the Berlusconi wine became a model of dubious mood. The political plane is characterized by the sighs of the democrats that we are only excited about and we have many of them, a tough appearance of farewell, which in the same way loses a lot.

And with the mood, when such a party continues to try to see him before his counsel. So, Serbius continues and the film turns, like grandchildren's grandmother's art.

These and Silvio

Itlie / France, 2018, 150 min

Reie: Paolo Sorrento

Scn: ,

Game: Tony Serbell, Elena Sofia Ritchie, Riccardo Scamarcio, Kasia Smutniak, Ricky Memphis, Roberto De Francesco, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Eurydice Axen, Anna Bonayouth, Giovanni Esjito, Yann Gael, Caroline Tillette, Jay Forte, Michela Cescon, Roberto Herlitzka

Reviewed: 70 %

The actor presented another Italian politician, Prime Minister Andreotti, in Sorrentino's Voskovo Sorrentino, but at least he does not repeat. How's Berlusconi? In seventy and a touching smell the impression of the young man who wants to ask for power. He is comfortable to go and of course to walk away when he is out of the game, he learns the slogan all the time but has the gift of personality, clown and play, Baron Prila, a major operetta gestures and a wicked human benefactor . You are just a beer, made by the moon, is also dead, sometimes the bag in the same creative with the words that sell the dream, the life of my life on the phone only to buy an apartment. As if he had invoked the magic traps of his own stations, he dropped the bonuses of Lewis vid in the fold, but it was just like the anecdotes of the type of difference between them? Kesanstv hls poverty, communism does.

the country as a business

Misty from sluel ser seril, and for the sake of sophistication and for the sake of all the details is the whole thing, nothing is great. Honor him to the honest satire. Only the manelka and the young man that Berlusconi gradually develops morally, like the melodramatic world, and the magnificent loneliness are not exactly the most obvious.

However, the name of the local girl enjoys the sigh of Berluconi, associated with another politician: Do not let me live as my job?

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