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Opava vs. Banik: In the Silesian police station, Derby arrested 26 hooligans

/ WELCOME ON-LINE / Compared to the previous derby, the Sunday's risk-struggle between Silesian FC Opava and Baník Ostrava went violently among the fans.

Silesian FC Opava managed to defeat Baník Ostrava 2: 1 in a fantastic atmosphere and scored important points on the table.

The calendar did not only see the fight but also all the events around.

Arrival and course of Baník fans

Baník Ostrava fans fought in the game at 11:22 today from the station at Svinov and at Opava – East station arrived just before 12 in the morning.

The regional police officers also supervised the fans who left the train from Havířov.

During the journey from the railway station to the orchards, part of the fans rushed from the planned route, but at the crossing of Mařádkova – Rybářská, the crowd gathered in one unit and managed to calm the situation.

The fans of the two units paid the stadiums for the sake of safety, only the H4, H5 and H6 sectors remained uninhabited.

"On the way to the stadium, the police have done everything to avoid the confrontation of the two defeated groups," police spokeswoman Gabriela said. Pokorná.

The first hurricanes before the stadium


The fans were the first to break. These are about twelve people in the park on the court, to interfere with heavy-haired dogs. The police arrested several people on the ground.


The police got riots in the park under control, several people were arrested. The fans were pushed to the edge of the park. After the situation had reassured, they could come back and revive.

"At present, we have been limited to eleven people, ten of them for misbehavior, one for crimes, for theft of theft, the ten insured in relation to public order, one person insured in the theft of Penny Market on the way to the ten people were secured in front of the stadium when they wanted to enter the stadium without a ticket, "said Radim Danek, Deputy Director of the Regional Police Directorate of the Moravian Silesian Region.

The police officers were forced to face the turmoil in front of the stadium during the Opava and Banik matches.

The fan has hurt the organizing service

The half-time break came from one of the Opava fans who ran to the playground in front of the Baníkovce boiler. After that, he ran out of the way and seized his fourth organizer.

Hurrying after the fight

When the fans left, there was a little riot in front of the stadium and one person was detained.

As the city passed, a crowd of hooligans stopped at the Breda department store. There were police maneuvers and mad explosions. The police took control of the situation.

It was the most dangerous fight this season in the Czech Republic between Opava and Baník. So shortly after the end of the race, Radim Danek, Deputy Director of the Regional Police Directorate of the Moravian Silesian Region, expressed his opinion.

"About five hundred police officers were appointed to this fight, a special train was sent to a thousand fans, and tried to withdraw some of the fans when they moved, but the police prevented them from doing so." The same fight took place without major events, "confirmed Radim Daněk, adding:

"However, at around the fifteenth minute, when several Baník fans stood in front of the stadium without tickets, they tried to get some of them out on the court and nine people were held because they attacked the organizers."

There was nothing serious from the stage to the station. Baník Ostrava fans are leaving for the house, the maneuvers are over, police break.

Deputy Director of the Regional Police Directorate of the Moravian-Silesian Region Radim Daněk said in an interview for Deník: "We had a total of twenty-six people

Opava – The long-running match of the year between Silesian FC and Baník is long overdue. The police seem to have managed the whole situation and the game has gone without serious complications. Four police officers were slightly injured. Criminologists will now analyze image files.

Police officers in Opava are overseeing a bunch of Baník fans with more than a thousand people.

How long has the police prepared for this risky race?
We are preparing several weeks. This was the most risky race of the year in the region, perhaps across the Czech Republic.

How many police officers were involved?
Five hundred active police officers. Four police officers were injured. The causes are controlled.

Are you satisfied with the intervention?
We are very pleased, there is no danger to people. We appreciate the cooperation of the Municipality. Apart from the excellent cooperation with the administration of the Silesian Football Club and with the administration of Ostrava Baník. Today's intervention was at a very high level and all parties have made the most of it. All the measures were in favor of the matter.

How many people were detained?
There were twenty-six people. One person was arrested for the theft of Penny Market theft and another for misdemeanors. But it can still turn into crimes or crimes. Camera files are now insured, which criminals will analyze now. Therefore, the number of suspects can be increased.

How do you see a comparison with 2017?
In 2017, more people were secured. There were more offenses and misdemeanors. Overall, the situation was quieter this year.

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