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ONLINE: Uncle turned the duel with Kenin, action will go to Siniak


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Strýcová vs. Kevin

We watched the fight in detail

Being conscious of her latest action in the national jersey, Barbora Strycova entered the fight with the American singer Sofia Keninova. It was probably due to her nervousness at the beginning, she still fought with the feelings that flooded her during the tune of the Czech anthem.

The Czechs faced complications in their initial submission, but thanks to the abrupt service, growth was reversed and the opponent broke it. Kenny paid a great deal of risk, trying at any cost to break a particular wave the experienced uncle had patiently built.

Uncle after the Fed Cup final ends in a show. It's time, he said

Domestic players were often able to return the ball to the court and wait for the opponent's mistakes. And they also came. In a situation of 3: 3 and 30:30, a young American broke for the first time a simple hit on the net, then again against the brejkbolu that did not again get a high sphere.

However, Unicorn gave the lead to Kenin's final finish, did not take advantage and the first set reached the tiebreak. In Czech, the Czech was 2: 1, but then the American in the attack added patience at the risk and the game shortcut dominated 7: 5.

The second act was best represented by the local representative. Although in the three games he had to face two bracelets, he rebounded in the lead 4: 1. Strýcová looked ahead and looked to win 6: 1.

Also, a small Czech warrior flew with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The smart game, great movement and tremendous hardness combined with three US bluffs made Uncle a 5: 2 pencil.

Then, for a while, the Czech Republic fell off the pace, lost nine of the eight exchanges, allowing the opponent to drop to 4: 5, but at the right time he returned to the victorious wave. After Keenin did not reach a disappointing call, the O2 arena exploded into a deafening joyous flood.

Siniak in the role of one

In the second match of the weekend program Kateřina Siniaková and Alison Riske face each other. For the 22-year-old Czechs, they have a higher ranking in the ranking and balance of mutual matches. The host defeated the American twice, but in the last race he lost her in January.

"I am ready and I feel great, I will concentrate mainly on myself." When I manage to show my best performances, I will definitely win, "Siniakova believes.

Ready to shine. Is Siniak the No. 1 Player to Win the Czechs?

However, her opponent is confident. "I have a great training week and the pressure is for the Czechs," he thinks before launching Riske, who has the unique fedcup experience in the team abroad.

Pala was the first singer of the world and this year's winners of both grandslam Siniak and Barbora Krejcikova. The US candidacy includes Danielle Collins and Nicole Melichar.

Final Fed Cup Tennis in Prague (hard surface):

Czech Republic – USA 1: 0 after singles start

Strycova – Keninova 6: 7 (5: 7), 6: 1, 6: 4.

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