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OBSERVATIONS: Plameny and Ltajc Holananka. Nightwish celebrated twenty

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Although the band, which was founded by keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen in the 90's, took a concert in the style of a real show, the main attraction of the evening was not the glow of fires, fireworks and projections but the charisma of the Lower Countries once again the Jansenov Floor. In this frontwoman, the formation of supporters in her tight boiler at Dark Chest Of Wonders.

They did not let them play for a long time, and then they threatened to put it as one. Tradin's changing gesture was repeated during the evening, which, especially when we saw it from the tribune, was a festive ceremony. The dedication of the community of people is remarkable and the incomprehensibly incomprehensible with the poor preparation of domestic influences in the concerts of foreign pop stars.

Jansen, dressed as an old-fashioned writer, wildly spread her hair from one side to the other, moving her movements to dance. He has a very good time. In the set-up of the Decade series, the 20 year old carriages of the band also played with the Ltajc Holananka composition for nightwish microphones.

The most famous of these were the fans of Tarja Turunenov, including the most famous Wish I Had An Angel or Nemo. Dole on the stage scene was heard by Anette Olzonov. Jansenov, who made the band one of the eight endless shapes of the most beautiful studios, also took the star at St.

Her kneeling voice was as compact as the Dutch knight. Vborn knew in the poem Ballad Dead Boys, the Elvenjig tradition and the new songs of the ropes, in which he pressured the pressure of energy into the audience, and after the animation was burned on the wall, licked in the idyllic landscape.

Forecasts were generally considered to be a strong performance, although it is not a very exciting way. The wolf creatures, the worn moon, the forest, the sky and one of the endless tombstones that were visible on the big screen showed a thematic support for the general character of the songs. Nightwish pointed out that the metal in their vocabulary is not just headless in guitars and bikes, but it's from the music and classical people, and it's often referred to as the crafted hunter in prod.


November 19, 2018

Prague, O2 arena

Reviewed: 75 %

A rare bust of the performance repeated fiery results of the flames in the room in the first pens and the type of pliers in them, more and more loudly added to the fireworks. Far from preparation, Vizard Parda was a human factor that Jansenov had taken care of when the audience sent esk Dkuji.

Thus, a two-hour concert that passed to Finnish metal finals, Beast In Black, was essentially just a reign of the repertoire of the band. The motifs in her works simply repeat enough to keep people in constant care all the time as very subdued.

The performance was not downgraded, the musicians did not take it for a moment, but there were no moments to rise behind the seats. Over the course of life, VacNightwish has honestly performed musical performances on the floor, which will stand out for the concert.

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